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Do I want too Mutch?

I want to be a kpop star and I can’t dance don’t have a good voice and cant korean


I think I can’t do it, but it makes me happy I love kpop but I don’t know where to start I am also struggling to lose weight I started learning Korean from YouTube, but then they stopped making videos. and i am not allowed to take any classes.

and every night I cry thinking i can’t do it stop being lazy just get up do schoolwork.

Hey happyzebra, thank you for sharing with us!

I think that if you love kpop, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t let yourself be happy by learning to sing and dance to the songs. That’s really good news, to me! You should lean into the things that you love doing. But let’s take baby steps here, of course you know that becoming a star is a very different thing, and that it’s nearly entirely out of your control. The main thing in my mind is that you enjoy it, what other people think of it is secondary to that.

every night I cry thinking i can’t do it stop being lazy just get up do schoolwork.

This part is worrying to read. I’m really sorry you’ve been having such a bad time! I know nights can be particularly hard, and there are lots of things that might be making it even harder for you to get work done that aren’t at all related to laziness. Do you want to talk more about what you’re going through? If you’re comfortable, lots of us would be happy to listen.


Thanks, I love helping other people, but the problem is I can’t help myself ,I try to dance 2 hrs a day but I mess up I feel I can’t do anything. I can’t even imagine anything in life if I don’t get into kpop.


I think if I don’t do something the right way it’s wrong forever.

it’s weird I feel like everyone has their life figured out and I don’t.

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I hope you know that the things you’re describing are totally okay. It’s completely understandable that you aspire to get a lot done every day, but don’t do it all. It’s totally alright for you to make mistakes too, that’s the most human thing in the world. There’s no shame in not being sure how to help yourself yet, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with feeling like you haven’t got everything figured out. I say all of this because it sounds like you feel a lot of pressure to excel and I want to let you know that the person you are right now is already pretty great. Does that sound close to the mark for you?

All of the things above can be improved, but it doesn’t ever help to beat yourself up for not being perfect. I promise you that you have every right to be in the middle of this process. It doesn’t make you any less valuable or less worthy of love. And just for the record, everyone I knew who had it all figured out in school has changed their mind many, many times by now. That’s part of the process and it’s also equally okay to just be like “I’m enjoying myself for now, I can figure that out later on.”

Do you talk to anyone about these thoughts and feelings? It sounds like you’ve got a lot to say that just needs to come out. You’re totally welcome to keep sharing here if you’d like! I’d encourage that. I’ve got to go for a bit but I’ll be back later on to listen more.

I love hanging out with friends, but I haven’t been out recently only when its dark I go on the patio with my family, and I have fun talking it’s like dark welcomes me.

It’s really good that you feel comfortable hanging out with your family! That’s really great. :grin:

I’m still worried about this part:

every night I cry thinking i can’t do it

And I’m worried that you might not have told the people close to you how bad you feel sometimes. If that’s true, I hope you know that your family love you and would certainly want to help you through dark times like this. Do you let people know when you’re struggling like that?

yes, but they just think I need a new hobby i know they care they just dont know how to help

there is someone I think can help but they have a lot of weight on them right now

and i tell people to love their self and i don’t love myself

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Thinking you just need a new hobby is an odd reaction. This question will take some thinking to really get a good answer, don’t worry if you have to sit with it for a bit. What do you think you need?

It’s good of you to recognise when other people can’t take on any more of an emotional load. I’m sure that person still really cares, and I hope they’ll make it through what they’re struggling with soon.

Mm! It’s not easy to take advice like that when our brains are fighting it. I think you should love yourself too, because that’s what you deserve, but it will take time for that sort of message to really set in and feel right. Maybe you could try this – imagine you are one of your friends, and try to tell yourself what’s been going on lately and why it’s been hard. From there, maybe you’ll feel comfortable telling yourself what you should do? It sounds a little silly, but it helps some people. Maybe it’ll make things clear for you. :blush:

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The other day I got up from bed and straight to work I didn’t practice, and I had a day to relax.

I feel bad, a few days ago I asked my friend for her boyfriend’s number and apparently, they broke up and she won’t talk to me what should I do

It’s been a pretty tough week and
i just want to talk to my friend

I feel horrible i was playing an online game and roasted someone am I that mean

@happyzebra Would you like to share a little more context regarding the situation with your friend? Was there a specific reason to ask for her boyfriend’s number? Have you got time to explain it?

Sorry if that’s a lot of questions, I would like to understand more as relation dynamics can be very subtle and complex. :hrtlegolove:

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well he is also my friend so he kept on getting off a game but i never asked him