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Finish watching bo jack horseman( best show of mental health)

One my favorite new show I have just finished was Bo Jack Horseman . Not only it was great comedy, it also deal with mental health and just life in general. Honestly relate to all the characters even thou were not really people. Such bo jack struggle with addiction and suicidal thoughts. The second to last episode (spoiler alert, don’t read if you are still watching the show.) he trying kill himself, but was kinda half dead and alive. It really touches I felt with suicide, cuase I sometime want to die, but can’t go through with it. Title of episode was “View from half way down” described of we felt before we jump of a bridge, as we are free falling, we regret of decision. In some way we don’t want to die, but we want to pain to go away.
However, the next episode after that bo jack came back to life, in addition he had to face that he has do hard to change without his old friends help.

I feel this show talk how it hard to change of life and make up for our mistakes. We may feel can’t ever change abs that meant to be these bad people.that we need to do alone in someway. However, the main message is that you can change, it take a lot of work, relapses and going back between A to B, then back to A then all over every letter that exist.

My favorite final line show is “Life is a bitch then you die” then other character responds “Or Life is a bitch, then you keep on living” perfect way to end the show.


I have been really wanting to watch that show but never had the time, I hope at some point I can though!!

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