Good bye family

Dad-Why did you do this to me? a young age i was taught that dad will be someone who I look up to someone who teaches me someone be at my wedding walking me down someone at my high graduation someone who support be a grandfather to my kids NO instead you will be at my funeral regretting what you did to me

Mom:Mom thank you for being there for me growing up all the meeting you want to for me and tests you bring me to help me with my learning disabilities standing up for me with the school we had a great relationship then start going bad after the divorce i’m sorry I blame myself the fights we had physical and mentally i’m sorry I regret it and still do I wish we could just get alone I wish you would come to accept me for who I am has a person being in LGBTQ family

Kate-Remember our little phrase we had “shop shop eating ice cream”
You were first child of the family and first one to leave home then moved I remember all the fun times we had I will miss you the most and little baby Nolan he growing up so fast 10 months now thank you for supporting me being in LGBTQ family

Emmaly-Emmaly I wish you come to accept for who I am has a person in LGBTQ family and not try to push me into being a christen we had a our fun monuments (skiing,the dogs,hiking) sometimes i was scared to talk to you because i was scared you were going judge me or say something about god

coreen -

Courtney-We always had a hate/love relationship as we grow up we starting becoming closer but we still had our monuments Thank you for being the sister who supported me being in LGBTQ family stay strong i love you

Dylan-Dylan your handsome young man also growing up so fast I’m proud of you I alway had fun comming to ur soccer games and watching you and screaming “go dylan” just to embrassed you I love you stay strong and don’t let any girl use you for your kindness,caring self

issac-ISAAC your 16 now WOW my little brother is growing up so fast I know we had our fight we alway used pick on each other i used say "
i hate you" when i really do love you i away just joke around with you but you don’t understand I love you keep being isaac I know (caring,love,book nerd)

My funeral:I want to die alone where nobody can find me on the beach I already got rid a lot of my stuff so you don’t have to grief over here i don’t want you have funeral I just want to be lay to rest with no grieving I want be burn and ashes lay out to places I used love to go

I’m sorry this will be my last post please don’t try get my change my mind don’t matter i already made my mind up to people who belive i’m faking it I’m not whatever good bye

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@Jaceofspade before you do anything, please give the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline a call and tell them about what you’re thinking; you can reach them at 1-800-273-8255. If you don’t feel like talking to anyone, send them at message at They are wonderful people who will be a listening ear for you.