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View media here: https://video.cdninstagram.com/v/t50.33967-16/316814015_506201901440031_2452065946412050536_n.mp4?_nc_cat=104&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=8ae9d6&_nc_ohc=QKVGO8WUH8QAX8j0itz&_nc_ht=video.cdninstagram.com&edm=AL-3X8kEAAAA&oh=00_AfB_lOXSZ_Lfy-yhtnCNzFofFmlywLGTmO-85QQg9uEWVQ&oe=637DBB05

Through some of the hardest times in Rory’s life he turned toward writing out his pain. Putting his fears, sorrows, and sadness into words was the first step in his healing journey. You can do that RIGHT HERE.

We invite you to share something, anything big or small, in the comments and tag @heartsupport . Once you open up our community will respond with support and encouragement.

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Who would break Rorys heart omg. Just goes to show no one is immune to emotional pain

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