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I can resonate with this… lifting weights helps with my panther

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@jakeluhrsabr become the Tiger :tiger2: and fight that panther :boxing_glove::martial_arts_uniform:🏋🏻‍♀:ice_hockey:

So very glad that lifting weights has been a strong asset in your life – not only something that helps physically but also emotionally. There’s something so special in the process of finding purpose and accomplishment through the act of challenging yourself physically. You actively choose to not stay stuck where you are, you learn that repetition is part of the process, and you get to approach time and growth in more steady way. Our very own panther keeps chasing us and challenging our sense of inner safety over and over after all. First reaction would be to run and lean into a sense of panic. Although with the right support and the right tools, we can finally learn to slow down, look at it, tame it, and be more at peace with it. Responding over reacting. The panther may be part of our life, of us, but it doesn’t have to indicate the direction we would take or be a constant enemy. I like to see my own panther as a very raw part of me that doesn’t know how to communicate better, and each time I don’t listen to it is as much an act of defiance as it is of love. I hope through your own practice of lifting weights, you will keep feeling the benefits of it and keep experiencing a type of growth that YOU own. One made of hope, patience, perseverance and love. There’s no doubt that it will keep serving you the way it does right now, and for as long as you need. <3