"I Can't Afford To Go Back." -- AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods

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AJ from Fire From The Gods talks about living with a constant pressure to live up to everyone’s expectations and how he attempted to take his life instead of reaching out. He discusses how that moment in his life was a serious wake-up call to find hope and live to support his loved ones.

Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red started an online non-profit called HeartSupport to give his fans a place to talk about and overcome their struggles. His vision is to unite the scene–fans and bands alike–so that no one in the music scene has to struggle alone.


Aj I waited on you today.

Met him on the streets in Houston he wasn’t rude per say but definitely has social anxiety issues or he was on drugs but im assuming he was just surprised I recognized him. He was stumbling on his words and wouldn’t make eye contact after I caught the vibe I just said have a nice day and left him alone lol but he wasn’t rude or nice just off.

literally there…right now

The reason why everyone likes AJ is because AJ has genuine interest in people and you can feel that when talking with him:)

It would be cool if fire of the gods did a song with skillet that would be cool.

AJ I have risen and I have fallen and once again I will rise

I seriously would love to meet this man. I can relate to this and now knowing that actually explains why his music helped me through those insainly dark times that i lived in for years. Thank you AJ for being an inspiration to those lost in darkness man. Fr. Your mission hasn’t been in vain.

Best thing he states… he asked why, and kept asking why to everything… thats means little ones he wanted a change for the better because he knew it involved him… he had to change he wanted change… be real be you forget opinions of others

Stay strong, AJ!!! Keep fighting the good fight!!! :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:

magic voice! very cool man!

AJ definitely expresses his motivation through his voice. So rarely can you “feel” someone’s voice. His passion shows and dude, if you somehow see this, from the bottom of my heart…thank you. Thank for the gift of your music.

Screw the 2 people who disliked this lol

AJ’s my boy! Got to hang out with the entire FFTG crew on their kickoff Arena tour with Five Finger Death Punch in Vegas.:facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3:

God damn, i believe AJ is the coolest guy i never met! I can relate to what he said there, and hurts, but there is hope for sure!

John 3:3-5 might help…

Hey AJ and FFTG, I wanna start off by saying “Lifeline” has gotten me through these last couple months along with my support group (Mom, Brothers, Grandma, Dad, and Sister), quality over quantity I should say. The line, “It took some time, but I woke up and opened my eyes. Screaming wake up, and open your eyes” is what ive repeated in my head and said out loud time after time. I don’t want to bore you guys with the details, but I what I will say is that depression and anxiety go hand in hand. It is a package deal, and is absolutely terrifying if you’re an extroverted person like myself. You are correct, there is hope, and sometimes HOPE is all we have to get us through. For those struggling please reach out to me, please tell me your story, I am here to help. Thanks guys and thank you AJ!

I lived basically the same life right behind this guy and I feel the pain.

You can feel the emotion in the song “Lifeline”.

His music and lyrics give me encouragement to do stuff and actually be something. I wish they still made music.