I can't keep up

The dishwasher broke and after things got hand washed I tried to keep everything in a centralized location so I don’t have to wash everything and every single cabinet. Well. As soon as I get 1 drawer/cabinet clean the people I live with put something dirty in a different cabinet. I need to clean off our counters which takes over 1hr. And instead of leaving me alone to clean our house, they insist I join them on a outing I have no point in joining

I mentioned that I can’t keep up and their reply was simply “you are going to have to”


Hey friend,
I am sorry the people who live with you are giving you are hard time.

I hope you found a solution that worked for you and that you got to finish your cleaning.

I am also sorry that they seem to not have given you the appreciation for cleaning the kitchen.
So i want to thank you for taking care of things and being thoughtful about it.
You are amazing.

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You can only do as much as you can do. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day, and sometimes the task load is too much. What will the people you live with do if you call it a day and resume the next day? Will they yell and scream at you? Do you have to take that from them? Why are you so beholden to them anyhow? What do they do to contribute to household chores?

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Its something I need to do. I’ve been working at this for over a week. I need pans to cook with, cups to drink out off of, plates and bowls to eat from. Its taking too long and they are not giving me the time of day to wash them and the cabinets

I believe in you.
But I don’t want you to be stressed out. Do what you can and take breaks.

You got this!

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Hey @Xan, as you mentioned it in another post, I’d like to ask: why are you not allowed to use your new dishwasher?

And are the people you mention from your family, or like roommates?

Just learning to know you better and understand what’s going on. :hrtlegolove:

The people I live with are now allowing me to use the dishwasher as long as its not too late at night. They had wanted me to hand wash, but they gave up on enforcing it. Now that we have a dishwasher running I’m trying to put all the stuff that was hand washed in filthy water, in there for a sanitary cycle. The people I live with disagree with this concept. They put the stuff away in the cabinets so now I have to wash every cabinet/drawer and everything in it.
The dining room counter is my mistake though because I thought I could spare the wine glass cabinet
I’m almost caught up on the regular dishes we have been eating during meals so I can continue to work on cleaning the rest of the mess

@Xan I’m glad you can use the dishwasher.

Do they help you sometimes to do those chores (like dishes, or cleaning)?

Really wish I had time to do the dishes before work today :neutral_face: oh well

The people I live with do random things but actual cleaning wise, not too much

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Just got told “your OCD is out of hand. I’m going to put it in the sink if you don’t put the dishes in the cabinets instead of on the counter.” Sink, cabinet…same thing. They are both dirty. The counter is honestly the only clean place to put stuff

I would call yesterday progress. Was able to load 2 drawers worth of stuff into the dishwasher and wash the drawers. I need sleep and I need to start the dishwasher as soon as I wake up

The people I live with do random things but actual cleaning wise, not too much

Would there be a possibility for you all to share those chores, so everyone can do their part? It sounds that they’ve been deciding a lot for you. Like for the use of the dishwasher. But living together implies that everyone should hold some responsability in keeping the place clean. At least ideally. Is it something possible with them?

Me and a Male roommate work full time jobs. I clean and go to work. That Male roommate is always too tired to help out, also doesn’t like getting asked to do things, claiming nobody should get in a grown man’s business. 1 male roommate is rarely ever here and only when he needs to bring a lady over. The oldest of the ladies manages all the properties she owns legally and financially, she let’s us borrow her car if we top off the gas every time. Me and the other female roommate tend to be the 1s to get the groceries, and she doesn’t wear glasses for her vision problems

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Thank you for taking the time to describe the situation! :heart: That sounds to be quite a difficult mix of different needs, lifestyles, habits… Not easy to find a way to be organized altogether in these circumstances.

I’ve seen what you shared about your progress by the way - that’s awesome! I hope you’ll get rid of this as soon as you’d like. :hrtlegolove:

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I don’t think I will have time for progress tonight as I have to do the routine tasks tonight so I don’t get behind on that again. Its such a slow go. I wish to have been able to knock all of it out in 1 go. Slowly but surely it will get there.

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TLDR: Made a little more progress on the kitchen cleaning. I was even able to do some things for relaxation.

Last night I did the most delicate cabinet. I was able to catch up on church services in my room that I missed while the rest of the house was watching a movie together. I delicately took everything out as quietly as possible to not wake or anger anyone. What did not fit in the dishwasher I wiped out with chemical and paper towels. I was tired and lazy last night so all I did was coat the cabinet with lysol spray instead of wiping very single nook and cranny I can’t even reach or fit my hand in. I did wipe down the both sides of both doors tho. I stayed up all night making sure I got everything done before going to my room and going to bed. I even had time to rewatch a episode of a tv show on Netflix that I like trying to make it through in fall. After I watched the episode the dishwasher was still running and I realized I probably should have used the time to get extra sleep. But both were great opportunities to relax. I set 45min. Alarm. I woke up exactly 1hr. 45min. Later to put the dishes away at 3am. Had to be as quiet as possible while clanging around all the glass dishes.

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I managed to wash all the casseroles today.:sunglasses:

Actually I messed up and had to wash some of them 2x. There was a lack of communication where I thought 1 roommate mentioned a specific food, so I decided to try and cook it. I asked our strongest Male roommate to hold some of the dishes, instead of cleaning a new space and moving them myself, that were blocking the freezer. None of our counters or tables are clean since they have been putting the dirty dishes on them and I’ve been so worried about the dishwasher I’ve neglected the other spaces. When he suggested putting the clean dishes in a filthy space, I insisted I could that I didn’t need his help anymore, that I was going to sanitize a table to set them on. I was not allowed that chance. He moved them to the dirty space as soon as I turned around to grab the chemical.

Me and the rest of the household got tired of me hiding just 2 or 3 bowls so luckily I have made even more progress this week. The bowls cabinet is done I threw most of it in the dishwasher. Some didn’t fit. Others would have self destructed if they went in. I cleared the cabinet. wiped the cabinet. wiped out the destructibles that we never use. Put the destructibles back were I got them from.

I think I forgot to wipe the outside of the cabinet. I’m going to do that again while this posts.

I washed some of the storage containers. I relocated a lot of the ones we don’t really use. The old lady that balances what is in the budget is for the house is saying the water bill went up since we got the new dishwasher. The nearly blind roommate is complaining about the noise of the dishwasher so late waking her up between 1am-3am saying its clean. I can’t do it while I’m at work, during the day I end up getting in the way while 1 of my many other roommates are eating, and I keep doing it when I get home from work while everyone else is asleep.

I hope nothing dirty gets moved to a clean spot
I might catch up by Halloween :confused: hopefully sooner.

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