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I deal with anxiety on a daily basis. I’ve been self isolated since Feb 10. Healing slowly but surely.

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Hi Friend, thank you for posting.
I am sorry you have to deal with that dreadful fiend that is Anxiety, I truly believe its one of the hardest conditions to live with and I too live with it so I can speak from experience. There are tips online for helping with high levels of anxiety and I would encourage you to look at the 5,4,3,2,1 method as it can be very helpful when you are starting to panic and feel anxious if you havent already. I hope you will soon be out of isolation and feeling better. take care. Lisa. x

Gah - facing anxiety in and of itself is brutal, but having to do it totally alone? It’s like locking yourself in a cage with the panther.

Sounds like you’re making progress - whether that’s physically or emotionally - and that’s hopeful, to feel like you have some power, some hope. Because facing anxiety without any hope is exhausting. It’s just like - my life is always going to be this heavy, and it’s never going to get better, and I have nothing to grab hold of…it’s almost like watching your life or motivation or energy levels just slowly slip down this downward spiral - being aware of it happening but not able to stop it. I’m glad that you’re in a place where you’re finding a way to reverse that momentum and make incremental progress because goodness begets goodness, and you are reversing that momentum, which is hopeful. Thanks for sharing here