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I feel this, in a such a heavy way, thank you for sharing! :heart::raised_hands:

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Thank you for speaking up and sharing. I hate that depression is such a heavy weight when it affects us. My friend, please know that you are not alone in this and your voice was heard.

@heartsupportwall4 Thank you for your kind words :heart:

Naming our pain is a double-edged sword - part of it brings relief, right? Because you know that you’re not alone, and there’s something so NEEDED about that hope - others have this and can survive too. I’m not alone. But there’s also a weird way that NAMING your pain makes it HEAVIER because you become aware of it, you see it, you feel it, and you recognize - damn this shit is heavy, ha. But hopefully, when we are reminded, we can be kind to ourselves…YES, what we’ve been facing is /hard/! And we can follow that up with - man, we’re strong. In that sense, it can become empowerment. - I hope this can be a reminder for you today…man, you’re strong, and you’re not alone.

@heartsupport Thank you so much for sharing that uplifting perspective, beautifully written, easily relatable. I’ll try to use this advice when I need it most. :muscle::heart: