I Feel Unsafe in My Neighborhood: Part II

Part I: I Feel Unsafe in My Neighborhood.

Today, one of the people who lives with or goes to the same house that the neighbor from Part I lives in verbally harassed/assaulted me. As I was by my mailbox, they entered said neighbor’s parking lot, laughed, then yelled, “I have COVID-19. I’m gonna give it to you.” I ignored them, finished what I was doing, then reported them to the police. I am worried about whether or not they will escalate things further, and, if so, how they will do so, too. On top of that, even though I felt the need to tell my family about the whole situation with my neighbors since it could end up affecting all of them, if they will act impulsively or stupidly, in spite of how they promised not to, is another concern of mine.


Hi Friend, I am so sorry you are in this situation it sounds scary and very very upsetting. People can really be very mean. I think it was clever and brave of you to ignore those people today, its the very best thing you can do, any reaction to them just gives them an excuse to carry on. I will add however that it isnt right that they are allowed to get away with treating anyone like this and they absolutely should be punished but there are ways and means without you getting yourself into a more difficult situation.
My own Mum had some neighbour troubles a few years ago and we were told to keep records of everything that happened and yes call and inform the police each time so that there is a record. We thankfully never needed to use any of it as the people got bored and hopefully the same thing will happen with your neighbours but having records might help if they dont. I am sure your family have your best interest at heart and will not cause any further issue for you.
All of this is indeed highly upsetting and understandably affecting you greatly but try to remember that most people like this are cowards that just like to pick on people to sound clever, try not to let them spoil anymore of your time than they do already. You do not deserve it, you are better than they are. You are a very good person who deserves to be happy. xx

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Keeping a record of things is not a bad idea. I will keep it in mind.

In regards to my family-related concerns, that all comes from how said family is abusive and, thus, untrustworthy. It should be made clear that it is not your fault for not knowing it is abusive – I did not mention such a fact in my initial post.

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