I'm Doing Better

You know. I always worry when I am in a good place in life. It is as if I need to destroy it in some way because, frankly, I am used to it.
How grotesque is it to say that you are used to being hurt, it doesn’t seem fair to the outside, but it has become a comfort for me.
No matter how much I think about this, I find myself doing really well in life. I am trying to find love (which hasn’t been going too well but I haven’t been heartbroken at least), I am working on school, I am going to fun events, and I am actually hanging out with my friends. I am in a really great place in my life.
The only worry I have is that I will mettle with things and fall back to being a depressed mess. I know that at times it is inevitable, so I am going to try and milk as much from this experience as I can.
It can at least be something that I can look back on and smile knowing that I can be happy and I can do this.

I want to apologize if this post is all over the place and hard to understand. I am kind of just spewing the first things that come to my mind, which can sometimes been incomprehensible haha!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Hey @Gray_Pastel - I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing better!! Thank you for updating us! You’re right - life is a roller coaster and we all have our ups-and-downs. If only we could be “up” 24/7/365! While you’re in a good place, try to develop healthy habits, so if you find yourself slipping in the future, it’ll be much easier to execute the healthy habits that you had developed. Rock on!

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It’s great to hear that you’re doing well! I’m the same way. I often focus on the negatives even when I’m in a good place myself, and not feeling pain feels strange. When you have mental illnesses you tend to not acknowledge all of the positive things in your life. What helps me is reminding myself to be grateful for the life I have and the people who care about me. Keep enjoying the good vibes!

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