I'm.just done with living

I just want to die. I never reallyy wanted to live. I just want to die and will stop at nothing until I died


I love you :heart: You will be okay, hang in there


Hey @Megadave020,

I know you’ve been sharing about this at different moments recently and I’m so sorry to hear that you’re still hurting right now. If I could take your pain away I would do that imediately. But at least we are for you, to support you. You are loved. You are not alone. Please don’t forget that.

What makes you reject this life? What are the things that have been nourrishing this feeling, this will to die (thoughts, events…)? Of course, there’s no obligation to reply. Just know that if you ever want to talk, I’m here, standing with you.

Hang in there. :heart:

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What’s going on? What is causing you to feel this way? I want you to know that everyone here at Heartsupport cares about you and that you matter. I’m sorry that you are feeling this way but I want you to know that you are not enduring this alone. Keep fighting and keep hanging in there.


Hey friend, wanna talk about what’s going on that has you feeling this way? Sometimes it’s good to talk about these feelings. I’m sorry that you’re having such a hard time right now. I know you’ve struggled a bit as I’ve read some of your previous posts. Are you in the heart support discord? There are so many people there to connect to that can relate to these feelings that are often ready to talk and encourage one another.

I’m know you’re hurting right now friend but you don’t have to keep facing these feelings alone. There are a lot of us hear ready to listen to you and offer you support and encouragement. Talk to us. We’re listening

Sending you so much love right now

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I’m not interested in living a full life. I want to die asap. That’s really it


What makes me reject this life is that I can die easily and not have to live through life. I don’t want to be here


You have something great to offer this world. You just may not have found it within yet. All the epic awesome that you may seek is within…nothing outside of you can help nearly as much as you can…you’re a creative human being…I know your story would change lives. Just keep writing the story and I will be around to keep reading it.
Stay strong epic and human


You may not want to be here…but the Heart Support Fam here and myself do. You deserve happiness Like Everyone Else


But why friend? Why do you not want to live a full life? Is it because you are struggling to find a purpose or something to help you thrive?

Is there something going on that makes you feel this way? Do you think that maybe talking to someone about it more professionally who could help give some guidance and direction could be helpful?

Friend, things can feel overwhelming and tiring. Hopeless. but it can get better.



I’m not in your shoes. Our stories are obviously different. But I too was attracted sometimes by the idea of death as being a relief. It happened that I let myself drowned by this idea. There’s no need to go into details here, but I think I had objectively valid reasons to feel like this world, this life, wasn’t worth it. But with time I realized that it wasn’t much about death, but about the amount of pain and hopelessness I was feeling.

Time helps to heal the wounds you may have been carrying with you. But you also need the support, love and care that it requires to go through it. Of course, we’re here for you. Now, tomorrow, always.
What are the other resources that you have right now? Whether it’s people, communities, hobbies, places, therapy/counseling, books/readings, dreams, self-help tools… What are the things you enjoyed before, that happened to make you smile? Even if it was just for a short time. You are not an empty shell. You have a rich inner life that has to be heard. A voice to listen. Regardless if it’s positive or really dark.

By asking this, I don’t want you to feel like I’d be ignoring what you said. I hear you, sincerely. And I am so sorry you’re hurting. But despite all of this, you are here. You’re with us. It shows your strengths. For what is worth, and as selfish as it sounds, I am glad you’re here. And I want to believe that you posted this because you know deep inside that it wouldn’t be a solution, that there are still beautiful things to experience in this life, despite what you’ve been through until now. It’s not easy, for sure. Somehow we’re all on the same boat but our paths are different. But we’re here to support each other. To show some love and try to rise again from it.

You matter. Your life matters. Those are not empty words.

I have no reason to want to go on and I dont need one. I’m getting to the point where I’m just downing sleeping pills now

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I’ve seen 13 therapists. I don’t need to see any more than that

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I can understand that seeing so many feels frustrating. It’s hard finding the right therapist that works for you. Is there a reason you saw so many? Were they just not clicking? Were there methods uncomfortable for you? What made you not want to see them anymore?

Friend, I know you are hurting and everything feels really intense right now, but there are still hotlines that you can reach out to and talk to. I know sometimes making that call feels difficult, but you never know it may feel good to just talk to someone.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

If you’re in another country, I can hook you up with the proper number, just let me know.

Some other resources that can be helpful when you’re anxious and in a dark place:

Friend you matter. Your life matters. You are important. Your life is important. Okay? If you need to mind dump about all the things stressing you out, please, do so <3

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Stopped trusting them. I believe none of them really know what they’re talking about. I have no reason to trust the Suicide Prevention Lifeline either. I’ve called them and it’s either they’re very condescending or they just hang up on me.

Also, I’m just another human. I don’t want to come across as rude but none of you would know if I were to kill myself tomorrow. I’m not looking for help, honestly. I’ve made peace with me dying early and again, I have no reason to want to keep going. I know how childish I sound but really, I hate this life and I really hate my life.

Well, you came here for some sort of reason. And people have responded because they care. No, we can’t know what you do with your life. That is true. But that doesn’t take away from our care of you as a human being. It doesn’t take away from the fact that we are trying to extend understanding, compassion and love. It doesn’t take knowing you to want to offer that. However, if you don’t want it then I can’t control that. But I’m trying here to be a friendly person and acknowledge that you are hurting.

Therapy can be really good, but if you aren’t willing to work with them to help yourself, sure they cant be of help. There are counselors out there that may not be a good fit. Sure there are ones out there that arent very good. But there are a lot of good therapists out there. Not ALL therapists are bad. But if you don’t want their help and don’t want to help them help you, then sure, they won’t be able to help you. Its a team effort.

People on the hotline are people who are taking time out of their lives to help those who are hurting and struggling. They are trying their best. But again, if you don’t want their help, how can they help?

Im trying to help you friend. I’m willing to listen. As are the others who have posted. We are a group of people trying to extend to you some comfort. Were trying our best how we can.

You matter.

I’m sorry if what I said came off rude. That wasnt my intention. I was just saying I’ve tried those services (not for a bit, mind you) I was in therapy for 10 or 11 years and the Suicide “Prevention” hotline has never been reliable in my experience.

I post here when I got something to say but no one to talk to.
I’ve accepted my peace with death. I’m just doing whatever I can to speed the process up. I just don’t want to live in this life anymore. There’s nothing for me here and I don’t want anything to be here for me. I’m done. I just want to be done living.

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I’m sorry you feel that way my friend. You deserve to find happiness and fulfillment. I’m sorry that right now things are feeling so dark.
Are there things that you enjoy that help pass time? Do you enjoy any games? Are there activities that you enjoy? Are there things that you are interested in? Movies that you like? What are some things you like to do in your free time? What takes your mind off of these feelings on any other day?

Nothing, really. I work and then I come home and stare at a wall until I sleep for 2 or 3 hours then back to work.

If you could make things in your life feel better. What would that look like for you? What things would change? What things would be different in order for you to feel less unhappy?