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I'm literally so confused

I messaged this person on reddit because he offered to help with my fish tank. Which, he kind of has, but I set it up yesterday.

He’s told me about his drug abuse and how he is sober (which involved attempted suicide and someone dying). He told me how he gave money to someone homeless who went and used it on drugs. He keeps trying to get me to open up and tell him about my trauma but I (obviously) don’t want to. He pretty much invalidated what I did say (aka I was abused by my dad). I don’t understand this man. I’m really confused by his messages and I’m not sure what to do.
I almost feel like he is gaslighting me, but it’s not technically gaslighting? I just… am not sure what term to use.
I’m uncomfortable. Do I block this guy? Report him? Ask him to stop?

Edit: he told me he wanted to tell me MORE about his trauma and I said no. I told him: “You’ve already told me a lot, and it sounds like you need to take some time (touch some grass, as the saying goes) and do some self care.”

Edit 2: he got mad. i know i sound insensitive with the grass thing, but he’s been non stop messaging me. he said later s8r but idk what s8r means

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Hey friend,

It honestly sounds like he’s either attempting to get you to open up, or is just using you as a vessel to vent or complain.

Either way, it’s not your job to listen to that, and as you’re well aware, there are a lot better places to have these discussions over a random persons DMs.

Talking to your edits, I would just block him. It sounds like he’s kind of unstable and the relationship in general is pretty weird. It’s not your job to listen to him, and it’s not your job to share anything with him. In the end, he’s a stranger on the internet, asking you to open up about really personal issues, while sharing ones that may not even be true (potentially in an attempt to get you to open up).

It just sounds super weird, and I’d just block them and move on. If they keep attempting to contact you, absolutely report.

Best of luck friend!


I just… why do i always attract toxic people? Is something wrong with ME?

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Nothing is wrong with you I’m very sure, people always get a few bad apples in their life really. Just know how to exclude the negativity and try the positive, it all matters in brining in the correct people for your type. :>


There’s nothing wrong with you friend, sometimes there are just toxic people in our life, and the best thing we can do is just block them and move on as quickly as possible.

That way they become more of a toxic blip instead of a deep, long lasting toxicity that can really seep into you.

If someone is being toxic, and you believe that’s how they are, it’s best to just move on, they’re not worth your time


Block them. Your space online or IRL is your personal space. You get to control who or what can be in it. If someone is making you uncomfortable, trust your gut and make your space safe. You don’t owe anyone anything, especially a rando on the internet. Don’t talk to anyone you don’t want to and especially don’t open up if you don’t want to.

There is nothing wrong with you, absolutely nothing wrong. You don’t attract a certain type of person, especially mentally unstable people who are being creepy and invading your space. Unfortunately there’s just a lot of people and they just do and say what they want especially on the internet. Keyboard warriors, they don’t care what they say or how they hurt people because of the anonymity that comes with it.

Keep yourself safe.


If somebody makes you feel icky or uncomfortable, the right thing to do is always to block them and try to get them as far away as possible from you.
I don;t know what s8r means either.
There is definitely nothing wrong with you.