I've never heard Chop Suey

my cousin just died he was the best drummer… i listen for the drums john bohnan

I’m sorry friend. It is gentle rock music. It’s very calming. Maybe you don’t understand from the other side. This is the ultimate calm way to say “go fuck yourselves! I don’t want to talk about the problem. Hopefully you’ll never understand! I got this. Even when we’re all 75.”

Should definitely react to junkhead by Alice In Chains

I’m 68 and still listen to SOAD every day! Love them!

Tha father part was literally a random part he took from bible

Classic SOAD - great video! Should check out Iron Maiden - Tears of A Clown - Pretty much about the tragic loss of Robin Williams - but you can feel that pain of trying to be out there for everyone yet no one is there for your fights with your demons.

The father part was just random words from a book. He couldnt think of lyrics and rick rubin just told him to get a book and point to a radom part

By the way, the father in to your hands part, Serj (the singer), got it out of a book.

Please react to Chris Cornell, he was the lead singer of Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog & he has solo stuff so there’s plenty to enjoy.

Your understanding at the end was wonderful. Thank you. SOAD kept a lot of us alive.

A perfect circle please! And the amity affliction!

All I ever think when I hear this is the Aretha Franklin song “Say A Little Prayer”.
“The moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup”

I appreciate your videos. You actually seem to care.

It is said that Christ’s last words before he took his last breath was “Father, into your hands, I commend my spirit.” Not sure if they were meaning to reference it, or if just coincidence.