I've never heard Chop Suey

This came out shortly after 9/11 adhd it was banned on radios

Your face when from​:laughing: to :fearful: really quick

Glad I found this channel. Such a cutie analyzing some of my favorites

I’d like to explain But I’m Gen X, so don’t fuck with me. but thx

I cannot believe people don’t know Jesus’s last words on the cross… it is a self righteous suicide. He is committing suicide to save man.

Nirvana - Where Did you Sleep Last night (Unplugged) next please

I am 51. I navigated an early school shooting in 1984 at Bleyl Junior High in Texas. Not a word was spoken at school afterwards. Classes resumed the next day with the sniper (Samuel George) still at large.

A few years later a boy with a locker just next to me murdered his parents. Multiple suicides followed including my close friend Carrie Miller. She was 14. I was in the back seat of their family car when her brother asked his dad “Is Carrie going to heaven?”. The father replied that he was not sure. We were in the bible belt. I remember thinking “I’ll go get her.” I was furious, but as quiet as a mouse.

My seething anger found a mission. That anger fueled me to NYC. I was never suicidal, but I felt like “it” was chasing me. I am the life of a party, but a moment alone pulls me into darkness. I self-mutilated, over stimulated and isolated. It is my struggle to sort. For years…I kept running. I was like Forrest Gump on his jog and also Lieutenant Dan yelling from the ship’s mast for God to give him his best. I wanted to get my hands on Satan. I wanted to free Carrier and the others.

It was an honorable mission…it kept my moral compass strong. But I am tired now. When resting or sleeping my blood pressure ran high and I ground my teeth. “It” can’t leave me and “it” won’t leave me, but I am learning to let it breathe. A wise man once said “Just do the next right thing.”

Your faces are hilarious…concern, fear, confusion, understanding, rocking out. hahaha

I’ve been nothing but alienated so you just close down and shut off…

Do you react to lip peep can you react to 16 lines by him . Im my opinion if yu look in his eyes its like he was already dead and he literally cries out for help no subliminal, i just subscribed i liked this video

Your a crack… such a pleasure to watch u