Jake Luhrs Reacts to Black Veil Brides - Bleeders

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Jake Luhrs, vocalist of August Burns Red, reacts to Black Veil Brides’ latest release, “Bleeders.” In this candid and insightful video, Jake delves into more than just the music. He opens up about his own experiences with performance basis life and shares a deeply personal story about attending the Grammys, where despite ABR being nominated, he grappled with unexpected emotions.

Day 2 of asking for “The Solstice Rebirth” by Forgetting The Memories

So this is a music video remake of Sweeny Todd, I’m not BVB’s biggest fan but this song is really good and the video is really cool. Also Jake, it sounds like you have hemophobia, there’s also autohemophobia where you’re scared of your own blood, it’s pretty common from what I know.

“Sometimes I can’t handle blood”
Me knowing what’s coming :speak_no_evil:

Good ol Sweeney Todd… Good job not fainting :call_me_hand:

He’s a vampire, Andy is a great vocalist!!!

Awful band, Awful song!.

this song is sick . super heavy and great vocals .new atr and starset u need too check asap as well

66 degrees - sweating bullets :joy::joy:

:confounded: there’s so much blooodd-
:metal::triumph: oh shit the solo”

Thank you for posting this, Jake. I enjoyed watching and listening to your reaction of BVB’s new song/music video. Your band is great! Andy has said many positive things about you and your band mates in ABR. :pray:t2::black_heart::metal:t2: PS Your analysis of the lyrics was fantastic!

So how about that new all that remains! Love to see you check that out!

Never been a BVB fan. Maybe this song will change that. Sick as fuck. Wasnt expecting how amazing it was

loved your reaction dude, mad fun

If BVB continues to sound like this, I’m down for their new album.
New ATR dropped today as well btw! Absolute classic band.

This is awesome, i love that you reacted to this! I wish more artists would do reactions to other artists :pray::pray:

This song actually brought me back to BVB lol

Completely agree! it is way too hot outside in pa today…

Loved your reaction! I love this new song :love_you_gesture:t2:Great to see one of their contemporaries react to it. I’m sure they appreciate your reaction even more as a fellow singer and member of another great band. I guess you’ve already seen that this gorgeous video was a nod to Sweeney Todd (kudos for sticking through the bloody parts!). Loved the breakdown and outro as well. They all killed it, but CC was MVP for those harder hitting parts. Love the idea of Heart Support! The story you told about that “fan” making you feel like you weren’t being treated like a person makes me sad. Sorry that happened, and it’s not silly at all that you felt that way.

BVB - Gang Vocals and Guitar Solos!!!:heart: