Jake Luhrs reacts to Elevate - Born of Osiris

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Jake Luhrs reacts to Born of Osiris Elevate and dives into the lyrical content sharing how it’s okay to grow and growing pains are a good thing.

Your lyrics and your band is amazing, this BOO song is amazing

React… New songs by falling in reverse… :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

Jake I think your editor needs a shout out.

Yes! Thank you Jake! Love Born of Osiris, been listening to them for as long as y’all. I am super pumped for Monday night in Columbia!

Hey Jake can you do a video on the bands “Beard The Lion” or “ Being as an Ocean” I think their lyrics have a lot of power behind them. Keep up the great work my friend. :call_me_hand:t4:

born of osiris got me into djent I had to look it up because of jared dines and stevie t.

I love music MORE when I listen to it with Jake

Can you do a react to ATR - Divine? :smile:

I really think you’d dig Bloodywood - Dana Dan. The band in general sounds sick but you’ll especially appreciate the lyrics!

Every song review should be like this one! Love it!

im here for all the Jake reacts. <3

Huge fan of yours and ABR. Born of Osiris is amazing and so was this reaction. I’m rambling good job lol

Dude djent is where it’s at!

Born of Osiris is sick. Been listening to them almost as long as ABR. Good shit, Jake!

I love these reviews, really glad you are doing these videos again. Could you check out the new Dance Gavin Dance songs in the future? I would like to hear your thoughts on them.

I love your reacts Jake! Don’t stop omg

Thank you Jake for your reacts and the positivity from you and your org. I’m personally elevating myself by turning my focus in life back to my faith in Jesus and pursuing a life of peace and love following his example. I like what you’re doing to help condition your thoughts as making those conscious decisions can affect all aspects of your life from how you view individuals putting yourself in their shoes and allowing compassion and love in a world that desperately needs it. I heard someone say recently that we need to normalize failure so it’s easier to forgive. God bless man and I hope to see yall next time you hit Orlando area!

I am truly CACKLING. pure perfection. laughter, light joy. my fav - T

I’ve listened hard to their last few singles, and I’m fairly confident that they are using strictly bass synths and no bass guitars in the recording. Which could make sense since they don’t have a bass player. I could be wrong but that’s what it sounds like