Jake Luhrs Reacts to LOW TECH by Kublai Khan TX

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Jake Luhrs reacts to a newly released song by Kublai Khan TX LOW TECH. Jake shares his insight on music and the lyrical content being shared by Matt Honeycutt

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Can you do a boundaries reaction!!

Let’s gooooo…

Officially first…

Its so raw and simply yet so heavy. Love the offbeat stuff too. Pure energy and no over produced slop!

Can’t wait for Rockville! More Florida tours! We miss you !


Best callouts in the game

Kublai NEVER disappoints.

Yeah I heard the guitar tabs for Kublai Khan songs were found carved into the caves where Neanderthals were found. Drop tuning and all. Truly the riffs our cavemen ancestors listened to

Love the punk attitude coming through with this band. They got something to say! I’d love to see you react to some Maximum the Hormone. <3

Certified stank face from Jake banger

They’re the best heavy band out there rn

Haha randomly wearing his leather jacket :grin: I’d be proud of it too Jake

I’ve been following and listening to this band for a long time they’re so underrated with just mean breakdowns great reaction new subscriber

Less than a week til the Columbia show!!! Can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces again :heart: love you boys!

Saw them in Berkeley with Sunami, Judiciary and Momentum. CHAOS

Kublai khan rips faces off live, never seen crazier live shows than them

Man I love these Jake reaction videos

Let your balls swing is crazy

I really hope Jake’s vocal chords are okay. :heart: