Making a therapist cry - one more time blink 182

as a 35 yo elder emo I cried my eyes out to!!! every time i hear it i just don’t get it!?? whos chopping onions??

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I’m going through depression right now, and this song hits me hard.

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I totally spaced Travis’s accident listening to this, I honestly thought the airplane lyric was about angels and airwaves. Oh boy was I wrong. Anyways… Powerful tune. I recently lost one of my best friends that I had cut out of my life for a while because me spending all of my mental capacity trying to help him get better for a decade made me neglect my own mental health so I had to work on me. I was just getting ready to reach out to him again after a year and a half of not talking when I found out he was in the diabetic coma that eventually took his life. Much love and support to anyone out there who is missing a friend or family member that had passed after losing contact.:heart:

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Love blink. I watch reaction videos cuz I have no friends and it emulates the feeling of listening to music with someone other than yourself.

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@heartsupport I bawl listening to this one

This song makes me think of my two best friends. They have always been there for me, but for a long time I didn’t appreciate what they did for me. I only saw what they didn’t do for me and the advice I didn’t agree with. I’m finally coming out of my depression and I realize now how much they mean to me. I sent them this song explaining that. They didn’t listen to it lmao

might be an unpopular opinion but this is one of the best Blink songs EVER yes it’s not their normal typical song but still this is just so good

Have you done a video for Linkin Park - One More Light?

I would love you to look into a band from my home town. Lansdale Pa. The Wonder Years.
Local Man Ruins it All.
I wanted to be Brave.
I have struggled with depression for 30 plus years and these guys who are many years younger than me, have helped me know that I’m not alone and they grew where I grew.
Also, Neck Deep and The Story So Far. Both examples of bands that talk about the struggles of life and dealing with it.
Listen up people. You are not alone. The lyrics are key to understanding that others know you. And some have written songs that are here on YouTube! Look them up. Type what YOU’RE feeling and song lyrics will be turned into songs that have those words in them. YoU dont even need to know the band. Just know what you feel and you tube does the rest. Bless and love to all of you. Lyrics are modern-day poetry and help for those who seek it. LOVE and keep searching for those like you. Help and grow to better understanding and different lives. =];-)~

I think i have listened to this song a million times. And i cried like a baby every single time T.T

Omg!!! Was this after he got diagnosed with cancer??? Holy S#*+

This song gives me the chills as its true…that you don’t know how long we all got and it shouldn’t take an near death experience for us to reach out to family and friends!! Ngl…i cried when i first heard this !!

When you been around the band from the 90s and they pull in the scenes from that age its like yes and whats my age again ? :stuck_out_tongue:

@heartsupport I watched my wife pass away beside me as I tried to get her to the hospital in November. She was my world for 25 years. Time heals all is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard. When does the loneliness end? I’ve lost my direction. Wondering aimlessly in life. Nevermind. Sorry to waste your time. I’m going back to autopilot.