No friends and alone

I really want friends, but I don’t know how to find friends now that I’m an adult, plus I’m bit of an introvert so that doesn’t help me any. I’m just so tired of being alone.


@anon78643377, I get you. I really want friends too, but I’m a major introvert.
There are apps for online friends who might be near you. Also, it would help if you went somewhere where there are people with the same interests. For instance, if you’re into music, go to a concert or a music store, there there are people you know have something in common with you. Stand next to someone, say a few things, mention something, try to start a conversation.
I know what it feels like to not belong, which is why I advise you go to someplace where you know people have something in common.
If you like books, join a book club. It may seem hard, but try to find events like festivals. Point out anything you have in common. Bartenders, for instance, will talk to anyone.
You’ll be okay, friend. Try to come out of your shell a little, okay? :slight_smile:


I dont have a drivers license so i cant really go anywhere.

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You might be able to join an online book club. Perhaps your local library has something? I don’t know how far it is from you, but libraries also often have programs (events) ranging from stuff like book clubs, comics, cosplay; you name it, libraries probably have it.

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What about online friends? There’s apps and websites. And even if you don’t have a drivers license you could Uber or ask someone you trust who does


I live in a little town that’s mostly made up of old people and young families so I doubt I’m gonna find anybody here

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It’s not the same and I don’t really have the money to go out and do stuff

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I’m with @Bvblover16

You should join something or volenteer somewhere so you can build skills

Do something to get yourself out there where you’re in an environment with people.

Sitting at home and doing nothing won’t ever help you with anything except drive you crazy

Hope I helped

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Again I have no means of transportation

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Well take an uber or something lol
You need to do something to get out there

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There’s no ubers where I live

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I understand. I am autistic and have agoraphobia, so going out and making friends is difficult.

The two friends I made here where I live now we’re by lucky chance. The one gal went and knocked on everyone’s door when she moved into our apartment building and introduced herself. We became friends.

The second gal I’ve been building a friend with became friends with me when I sold her my camera on the Facebook market.

I don’t get out often and meet new people, so making friends is very hard.

Due to my agoraphobia and autism I have a hard time with anxiety on my own and in public transport. So I know the battles of struggling to just hop in an Uber and go somewhere.

What kinds of things do you enjoy? Is there anything local that you can go to? Walk to? I try to make myself do things even when it’s difficult. Volunteering is definitely a good way to get yourself out there, but it depends on what’s available and if there is easy transport. I know first hand how expensive Uber and LYFT can get after a while. Do you have family that can help give you rides? Or a bike you can ride around? Maybe you can find a cheap bike for sale on Craig’s list or OfferUp. Or even Facebook market.

Going to the gym. Rock climbing. Hiking are great activities and usually there are people around you can make passive conversation with. Never know, maybe you’ll find someone you make a connection with.

Are there any board game shops near by you? A lot of the time they hold tournaments and activities if you’re into that kind of thing. Maybe there are people you could meet there.

I understand how difficult it is. I battle with similar feelings. And I know that other people don’t always know how to understand how difficult it can be. But I hear you. I see you.

I hope that you are able to find something that allows you to make some kind of connection with someone.

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I live in a small town so there’s nothing really around for me to do anything, and when I say small i mean so small there’s no stop lights. And I don’t have money to go out and do things.

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Hey Jax,

First I want to say welcome to Heart Support. I’m so glad that you found us, and I’m glad, and proud of you that you had the courage to reach out, and talk about what you are going through! I want you to know that you are loved, your life matters, and you deserve love and support! We will be here to walk along side you and help in any way that we can! Don’t give up friend!

Loneliness is something that I’ve struggled with for several years, especially when it comes to isolating, and then feeling alone. The worse thing that you can do when you are struggling is be alone. So I encourage you to do a few things, first being continue to reach out! Your first step of stepping out of this loneliness and isolation is reaching out, and continuing to reach out.

Next would be to find something to do outside of your house. Whether it be getting involved in a group or a club, or finding something to go do one night a week maybe going to a park, or going to the lake and just sitting and enjoying nature. Unfortunately if we continue to lock ourselves in our room or in our house we will continue to be lonely. You need to get out, and try to meet people cause more than likely people aren’t going to come to you!

I know that you said that you don’t have a car, or means of transportation. Maybe try to find places within walking distance. Also, another thing is maybe get involved in online communities. There’s so many great communities on twitch that I would encourage you to be a part of. Heart Support streams on twitch at but another streamer that has been a real encouragement to me, and has a great community is Souzy, and his twitch is

Please know that you are loved, that you matter, and that we believe in you!

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It!

Love Always,

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Why does it feel like nobody here wants to be my friend. It feels everyone just wants say something in the hopes it will make me say wow I’m better now thanks and then you can pat yourself on the back and say that you’ve done a good job.

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I know that you aren’t better. You are probably very frustrated because something that you have come to rely on is having trouble helping you with a problem you are facing. Please don’t lash out at the people who are trying to help you. The people here are trying, they desperately want to help you but they don’t know how. They don’t know what your circumstances are. They don’t know how small the town you live in is. They don’t know what you need, only what you want, and I don’t think that they know the answer because I don’t know the answer and I have been thinking about something quite similar for some time. You and I are physically isolated from the friends we hope to make and there doesn’t seem to be a way around our obstacles.

I chose to use the internet. I think that this is a Bad Idea but also necessary. One of the first things I found out was that social media is rubbish. I was on Facebook and someone said that she was going to kill herself. None of her friends had answered her. Looking back, I think that it was the sharing algorithm that Facebook uses and that nobody else could even see her message. Not a good reason to go back to the land of of happy shiny plastic people where friendship is not a thing, only one-up-manship.

Next I tried Twitch and I was not impressed until I found a game called RimWorld and the community it has. This is good if you absolutely must have human contact now, but is also the most addicting thing that I have ever come across, precisely because of the human interaction. I didn’t do anything else on the days I watched Twitch.

Finally, I have found this place. It is not on my level but it is good. You have not been taking full advantage of this site unless you respond to questions rather than just asking them. True happiness can be found helping people rather than just being helped. It is rewarding in a way that nothing else is.

That is as far as I have gotten as of today.

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That is definitely not true. We are just trying to help encourage you in ways to help find friends.
I feel like we are all friends here. As we all try to help each other out when we’re struggling. That’s kinda how it works.
I’m sorry if all the advice felt overwhelming and unhelpful. That certainly is not how I want you to feel.
I know that sometimes advice can be the opposite of helpful. If this was the case I apologize.

We aren’t professionals. Just a bunch of people who each have our struggles trying to lift each other up. You know? :heart:


I’m sorry if I’ve been hurtful or mean deep down I don’t really mean it I just really want someone to talk to


How am I supposed to help people if I’m such a mess I’m sorry if I was mean I just want to talk to someone

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Well, we’re talking to you. Trying to (:
So that’s a start!

What are some of your favorite things to do? I’m currently reading and relaxing. I enjoy watching YouTube as well. I generally browse for art tutorials or documentaries. And it’s nice because it’s free! I have found audio books on YouTube that I enjoy. Like The Name In The Wind. By Patrick Rothfus (I may have spelled that wrong)

What kinds of stuff do you like to do at home?

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