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Of course man! It’s been a lot of challenges since I was 16 - through divorce depression and anxiety

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Yeah - divorce is a life-altering event. Especially in the middle of high school, when there’s so much social instability - and honestly, self-worth instability…for me, feeling like every moment was another moment to try to prove my worthiness to the next cool person, attractive girl, challenging situation. I was always resetting, proving again and again and again - I can’t imagine being in that unstable place and have the ground literally split in two from under me, and for my life to shift so dramatically, when keeping upright is already a freaking challenge. The trauma of the situation, and all of the details, living two lives, watching love split in half - all of the tension leading up to it, all of the drama afterwards. There’s so much to unpack in there, especially in how it all affected you - how you internalized the feelings, how you may have blamed yourself, blamed others, how you made sense of the pain - it is all so much. And it happens so fast, and when we’re so young we don’t know how to process it, so we end up just taking arrows. And we don’t know how to take care of them, so we just keep them in us. And it festers, and gets infected, and affects us years down the road. Trauma’s brutal dude. Not sure if anyone’s told you what you went through was an earthquake, but it was.

@heartsupportwall3 it was man! Trust me. It took me a long time to figure it out with also abuse in the middle of that. Therapy helped but not all the way

Dang - yeah, throw that shit in the middle of it - tough season. Glad you’ve been through therapy stuff - what kind of stuff are you still facing? What’s current for you, if you’ve already done a lot of processing?

Man, It sounds like you’ve been through a lot. It can be so hard to keep moving when it feels like you face challenge, after challenge after challenge. It’s so inspiring to see that despite the hard and the road blocks you are still here. You’re still trying, and that is true strength. All the challenges you thought might break you, you’ve made it through. Thanks for sharing here friend. This community is always here for you to make sure you never have to face those other challenges alone.

@heartsupportwall feeling useless at times and just have anxiety about future things still

@heartsupportwall2 appreciate it dude!! Means a lot! Music has been a big thing for me as well when it’s been hard to open up