Therapist and Vocalist react to One By Metallica

For metal pantera is so much a second!!

Michael Jackson was the first. Metallica actualy took inspiration from Michael.

This song live is awesome! Pyrotechnics go of and the speakers fall down from the the ceiling! But its still supper blacked out!

Idk if it was mentioned but Metallica actually owns the rights to that movie.

Back then, each new Metallica song spoke to me in a different way. They knew how to key in on those things going on in our brains back then. Welcome home (sanitarium), fade to black, one, kill ‘em all, etc.

Johnny Got His Gun is the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen. The book also. The ending is a jaw dropper.

This song performed live by Metallica is absolutely amazing.

Between Metallica and Megadeath and others. There were a ton of heavy songs in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s dealing with war and death. This just got a shit-ton of air play on the radio, some areas after 6 or 8 pm and MTV when they actually would show videos and were about music. This was on “Headbangers Ball” for weeks and weeks and also in there normal rotation which was very strange for a metal band at the time. I can’t tell you how much this song changed the world of rock.

One is an amazing song…but I’m trying to figure out where I have heard August Burns Red from before…

8 tracks are awesome!!!.

Welcome to my youth when there was music television… this song and Unforgiven were chilling

I have had leg ulcers since 2007 they have made me crippled.along with a heap of other problems .(frozen ankle ,lost 1/2 my left foot etc)
My family have brought me through along with music.
The sentiment in a lot of metal tracks often helps master of puppets , war pigs ,never surrender, one,as with rock Delicate sound of thunder , time ,great gig in the sky.etc
Music helps so much…
That’s not taking anything from my family support but I often need me time so when doing dishes (like now) my iPad and headphones are a must.

in 1988 I enjoyed Metallica… after this video dropped, I was a FAN!

It wasn’t the heaviest thing around. It was the heaviest popular band, but Slayer, Deicide and Napalm Death were around and even though “heavy” is subjective, I’d be surprised if anyone argued that Metallica was the heaviest. Also, there3 were plenty of bands that incorporated movies into their songs. Skinny Puppy, The Misfits and plenty of others (that I can’t recall right now) had done this previously. Again, it was just the most popular metal band at the time, that did it. There was some unique stuff about this album, though. I heard (not verified) that the way they got the different sound of the recording, was that each string, and each drum, had its own, separate recording. So, they could adjust the levels and manipulate the end product, more than any other studio recordings before it. On a side note, I saw Metallica at “Day on the Green 2” in Oakland. Faith no more flaked, so Body Count opened, great set. Then there was a break that lasted like 90 minutes before Metallica came out and played the most boring, uninspired set that I can remember ever seeing. Then another 90 minute or longer break before Guns n roses came out. After 5 ballads in a row and like 10 outfit changes, I walked out, bored and underwhelmed. Body Count was worth the price of admission, the crowd, tearing up the turf and having a dirt clod fight was the highlight, the 2 headlining bands were garbage.

It’s just a song to movie. Like you both talking bout the the song, i guess narrating. Like with fade to black, it was james feeling like shit because their gear was stolen!

headbangs in horror

This is the song I listened to when I had tried to overdose myself in high school after being bullied about being raped!

I’m 98 years old I’m a world war 2 veteran I served with 16th Infantry Regiment. Part of the 1st Infantry Division, we were tasked with clearing the landing sectors code-named “Easy Red” and “Fox Green” on Omaha Beach first wave D-Day. My great grandson showed me this video. I definitely can relate to this video and song. There hasn’t been a day I have not ended up back on that beach. I can smell the diesel fuel. I see my screaming dying comrade’s it’s as if I were still there. But I’m one of the lucky ones i got to come home.

This is absolutely my most favorite song of all time!!!

Metallica bought the rights to the movie just to make this video

master of puppets…