Therapist and Vocalist react to One By Metallica

In 1988 Queensryche’s album Operation Mindcrime was an entire story progressing through all of the songs. Metallica’s song One was released in 1989. Savatage, which eventually formed the Trans Siberian Orchestra, release Streets a rock opera as an entire story through all of the songs.

Yeah it’s from WW1 and it’s a true story that Metallica sing.

THIS is why they are the pioneers of metal!! :purple_heart::black_heart::purple_heart:

Fun part is that in second part of the song Lars-drummer plays SOS on drums.

did you know it was from Johnny got his gun because you are so well rounded? or you did some research?

TV killed the radio Star.

The Three stooges…

Charlie Chaplin…

08:16 “He’s a product of your profession, not mine”

Talking about the ones that survived war :thinking::rage::grinning:

I always end up in tears watching your videos… it makes me remember how it felt and just how easily those feelings could return . Mostly though, and more importantly, it always helps me to not feel like that again and to continue to move forward… you provide an extremely valuable service on here that im sure helps alot of people… thankyou…:metal:t3:

I never noticed but the militaires own officers dont want to accept moral culpability for sending him into he field in the first place, nor the governemnt for getting involved in a war not of our own making.