Therapist and Vocalist react to One By Metallica

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Therapist, Taylor Palmby, and August Burns Red vocalist, Jake Luhrs, analyze the lyrics of Metallica’s “One” to discuss how even someone’s one-in-a-million story can be relatable to all. The pain that someone goes through when expressed can make others feel not alone and the journey to triumph that someone goes through can be used to inspire others to continue on.

This is 1 of their many masterpieces… Metallica are ICONS… FAN4LIFE :metal:t4::sunglasses:

I’ve been loving your videos lately, and I think it would be cool if you did a review of doomed by bring me the horizon

you guys really need to listen to Fade to black next

I hope Taylor doesnt get "Jordan Peterson"d… because apparently, helping people who don’t pay you to get help is bad and you will get a big slap on the wrists! …be careful!

Man you had Slayer, Exodus, just to name of few but this was Metallicas first MTV video… when he is moving his head the bed up and down he’s doing Morris code

“Someone” (he knows who) was talking during this verse: “Landmine has taken my sight _ Taken my speech _ Taken my hearing _ Taken my arms _ Taken my legs _ Taken my soul _ Left me with life in hell.” You must react to Master of Puppets (lyric video).

Awesome reaction guys!!..

Also being trapped in your own head is a scary thought but lost his speech, sight, limbs but yet he’s alive scary

Really love this reaction, I’d love to see your reaction to dream theater pull me under

Fade to black pleaseeeee.

We need a Fade To Black reaction like this one.

From my experience, some would tell that man that happiness is a choice and to smell the roses.

I’ve always had a thang for machine gun drumming - Starting with MetallicA from back in the day! :100::metal:t2:

This song helped me get through my High School years, still my all time favorite song ever IMHO

Some people can be unbelievably creepy with their advice to find the beauty in life… just holding on isn’t good enough.

Great video, but not even close to the heaviest thing at the time. Check out “Silent Scream” by Slayer, released that same year.

“I don’t have the words…” so they don’t.

Nhaa at this time Obituary, Death, Napalm Death where out so not the heaviest at the time.

I was 11 when this came out. It was the first thing that made me think about what it meant to be alive. There were a lot of ‘heavy’ bands active, heck this was Metallica’s 4th album, but this was arguably the first metal song to cross over into the mainstream in such a huge way. There were a few videos that featured movie clips, but they were almost always from soundtracks, This is one of, if not the only, video that I’ve ever seen that interweaves movie clips in a narrative way. Easily one of the best videos ever.