Therapist finds the meaning of flying in Slipknots - Dead Memories

The track is about how nothing can be done.

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y are camwu…

My Snuff comment… Is literally this I believe this track actually comes right after Vermillion Pt2 on album as well.

Ahoy! I’m Blair the world’s oldest maggot.

And the grit in my nails is not from being unhygienic. It is evidence of my my existence, fighting and clawing from the gravity of the abyss. I am 52 years old and suffer from MDD.

I stumbled upon your channel due to algorithms. While that id prefer not to watch the videos per say.( If I’m honest, I don’t care for the theatrics).It’s mostly ok to listen to them. Because you have been able to assess the lyrics in a literal sense in a way that is instinctively, and utterly genetic to me without interpretation.

But it causes horrible blisters, knowing I was right!!!

Their message is ingrained in my DNA.

It really hurts me in hindsight that everyone misunderstood when I introduced them to it. I reckon that they were not subject to my pain.

In short, you’ve validated everything I’ve known for well over 20 +yrs.

I saw them in 2016, wore my Corey Taylor mask the whole time, and broke myself in half , singing and head banging the entire time. Infact it’s the closest I’ve ever come to " religion"

But I digress…

I am homeless in a very scary city.

I’ve no freinds, or as it stands family.

Having been recently and I fear finally shuned. I am perpetually suicidal.

I write this diatribe only as a means to hopefully get some help , whereas the normal channels have failed me over and over.

If nothing else.

Thank you for your brutaly on point assessments!

Much love

  • Blair

I love how her face just lit up when the song picked up again

You my dear, just might be a “Metal head”, welcome to bang head nation, all are welcome

First off… Big fan of the channel. But i want to give my take on this song… I love my Country, but when i Joined the U.S.M.C. and went to Iraq back in 06, i learned that Uncle Sam is the shadiest MFer youll ever meet… He asked me to love him, and i did; and i have a lot of memories i wish i didnt from my 2 deployments. How can somebody do the things i had to do, and be the same person afterwords? I figure part of me is dead, part of me is still here. I just got whats left, and i got me a straw to suck it the fuck up and shuffle on. Maybe it just is what it is. But yeah, this is the song to explain why im not quite a complete person anymore

@heartsupport I was literally just licking :cry:the alcohol off of my hand when you brought up now I don’t know where I belong