Therapist Reacts Don't Let Me Go by MGK (Taylor's Friday's)

Yes - MGK has alot of amazing, beautiful songs that discuss really deep things :frowning: .

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This song hits home :green_heart::microbe::green_heart::microbe::green_heart::microbe: as a lyme and autoimmune warrior who has struggled so hard just to survive. :cry:You are an amazing therapist :blush:

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You should react to Already Dead by Juice Wrld :heart:

Thank you so much for what you do. Im not religious or anything but your literally doing gods work. I almost never cry and this got me tearing up because of how touching the song was and how good you broke it down and was beautifully blended together and very touching. Thank you for what you do and as long as you enjoy doing it please keep doing it cause IM HERE FOR IT!!!

Omg I just found you and I am so so so glad I did you are amazing :heart:

This lady over here tryinโ€™ to get me to like MGK. :sweat_smile:
Nah for real Iโ€™m just kidding. This song is deep. Powerful. :heart: