Therapist reacts to a 45 by Shinedown

Dark Thoughts by The Funeral Portrait is a great song too

How I feel everyday I’m alive…I don’t have the balls to actually do it. I’m a complete fuck up and afraid I would fuck it up and end up a vegetable…but the day is getting closer quickly…How you describe this song is me exactly

I would like to recommend Avenged sevenfold’s song Brompton Cocktail. It helped me get through a family member who took their own life.

Your words midway through this video, just described me to a T. I overdosed about a month ago. I got told how wrong I am for doing so, and that if I do it again I’ll be punished. I’m doing okay now, but you literally explained my thoughts to an actual T.

Do more Shinedown…

Yeah, we are all at the point of self destruction. I just ask God for help because nobody can help.

This is literally me every day, this song depicts it perfectly… between this and slipknots snuff…

@HeartSupport - Music to Improve Your Mindset: Hello, lovely lady. I hope you are well.

By pure chance, I found your channel, as I once did a channel by content creator Amanda Webster, who also focuses on mental health.

That said, first, I want to recommend to you some other bands and songs, as I use music myself to fight my own demons, namely that which goes by the name “Depression.” So here goes:

  1. Jee Veerey, Bloodywood. Bloodywood is a folk metal band from India, who is very socially aware. They rap in English, and sing in Hindi. Musically, they are a mix of traditional heavy metal, electronica, and traditional folk metal instruments. Jee Veerey is about overcoming depression and self-deletion, and once saved my life in 2018. That said, I also recommend the videos for Aaj (Hindi: “Today”), Endurant, and Dana Dan (NOTE: Should you react to this, TURN ON SUBTITLES, as YouTube would remove the video because of the subject matter being that of SA against women.)

  2. Coming Down, Five Finger Death Punch. FFDP is a metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada, and is one of the few bands who makes it a regular thing to go overseas to play in USO shows for the troops. Coming Down is about preventing self-deletion, with the motto, “One friend can save a life.” Also check out FFDP’s cover of Gone Away (The Offspring) and Wrong Side of Heaven.

  3. Iron, Within Temptation. From the Netherlands, Within Temptation is a symphonic metal band like Nightwish (see below), in which classical symphonic instruments are mixed with traditional rock and metal instruments. In terms of psychological understanding, I also highly recommend the song Truth Beneath the Rose, Black Symphony 2008, for anyone dealing with feelings of being betrayed.

  4. Poet and the Pendulum, Nightwish, Wembley Arena, 2016. (NOTE: This video is of a LIVE PERFORMANCE.) Out of all the bands and artists I’ve heard perform music about mental illness, depression, and self-deletion, this song is the one that most accurately describes what one actually feels. Hailing from Finland, Nightwish began in 1996, combining metal with symphonic elements like Within Temptation. Currently led by Floor Jansen, a world-renowned vocalist, Poet and the Pendulum is about the depression and catharsis of Tuomas Holopainen, Nightwish’s composer and keyboards player, that resulted from the 2005 firing of Tarja Tarunen, Nightwish’s first vocalist. After Poet and the Pendulum, I highly recommend Ghost Love Score, Wacken 2013 (most reacted-to live performance of any band and any song in the world!), and The Greatest Show On Earth, Tampere, 2015.

That said, thank you for your genuine and authentic reaction. For a psychiatrist or psychologist, it is a hard thing to be honest with patients, let alone with viewers of a reaction channel, unless you have a true sense of understanding, empathy, sympathy, and compassion.

Again, thank you.

She needs to check out save me next

I’m staring down the barrel of a bb gun

Listen to leave a light on by papa Roach if you haven’t already. Love your reactions

60 and lived the story!!! - at sixteen my uncle took his life (34)

No tears!!!..Strange…

Back in high school in the late 90’s, I got so depressed I tried to hang myself… luckily, that failed. Later, I came across this song and and “Always” from Shinedown, and they became to of my personal favorites. I knew exactly what they were going through in the songs and I felt like I wasn’t alone in my battles with myself.

Shinedown has a lot of songs about mental health. Symptom of Being Human is good.

Amigo the Devil needs to make his way to this channel. He’s such an incredible, insightful writer that will break you. “Cocaine and Abel,” “Different Anymore,” “Garden of Leaving,” these songs will break people and are such insightful analyses into his psyche. He’s wonderful.

even if you don’t react on stream, you should check out carissa’s wierd - so you wanna be a superhero. one of the most painful tracks i’ve heard

I’m seeing Shinedown for the first time in about 3 weeks. I fricking can’t wait!! Great reaction!!

Anything by the band Badflower. But specifically Ghost, Family, or Heroin. They are so dark and hauntingly beautiful.

Just found your video this morning- great stuff. Wonderful song & great advice given. I am NOT very good at subliminal messaging or digging deep to decipher underlying meaning. However, I have to ask if your wardrobe choice is random or meaningfully chosen? I see 2 messages from your attire. # 1. The sweater …. Be Happy (Smiley Faces). #2. The checkered shirt (You’ve Won the Race). I was just curious. Thanks for this video !!!