Therapist reacts to a 45 by Shinedown

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics to 45 by Shinedown to discuss the value of shifting your anger away from what happened and toward the negative things that anger or situation makes you want to do. Shifting your anger toward something that can actually change is a more powerful action instead of focusing the anger on the past which can create a sense of hopelessness.

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This is probably Shinedowns saddest song. But it is also a banger. Great analysis.

This song is hauntingly beautiful and it resonates so much with me and how i grew up, im getting better mentally but songs like these give me a place to vent and im grateful they exist

My mental health journey is different because I have been told by professionals I’m a lost cause and I created a persona to escape my own reality

Been there multiple times and unfortunately never had the courage to pull it. But yeah Shinedown has a lot of songs like this that suicide victims and survivors can relate to.

Do you take requests?..

One of my favorite songs of all time.

Please do NF intro2 ( if you haven’t already) and intro 3 and outro you can for get about outro

Hey there Taylor my favorite therapist. Love the channel as always. Could u please react to either Fear Campaign or Regenerate by the band Fear Factory. I think either one would be good to check out. Thanks

I don’t think the switch is him being angry that he has to stare down the barrel I think he was mad because he has no other options left because everything he was told would work didn’t and everything has failed him so it’s like really like you told me that I was going to be ok but I don’t have any other options now so f you I’m going to stare down this barrel and pull the trigger because you failed me. The original was his anger within himself because he was in so much pain that everything he tried other than staring down the barrel didn’t work he was mad at himself for not being able to defeat the things that was making his pain difficult to begin with in the first place imo

Monsters by Shinedown is great. If you haven’t heard it, you should give it a listen.

Would love to see/hear you dissect more Tool music. “The Patient” off the Lateralus album, and “Descending” or “Invincible” off their Fear Inoculum album are all really great songs, and it would be really cool to get your take on the meanings of them. “Invincible” hit me pretty hard, as I had just retired from the fire service just before their latest album came out.

That song will never NOT get me in the heart :cry::heart:

Hi hun can U look at the song Monster’s by shinedown

not so patiently waiting for more Tool

Yup that’s exactly how I feel every single day like what’s the point of even trying anymore to ask for help or say that I’m not okay it always gets flipped around to being my fault or I get told to try things I said I’ve already tried and don’t work. Like I have had multiple mental health professionals say that I’m a lost cause because of how many medications I’ve tried and don’t work and I usually become the therapist or something I say they use in other cases I have been dead inside I don’t feel any emotions now

It’s misunderstood in a lot of ways,” Smith told American Songwriter. “And I’ll never forget when the song came out, it was our second single from the album and it was banned from MTV because of the video and lyric subject matter. And I was like ‘why? When it actually had nothing to do with a gun’. The 45 was a metaphor for the world and ‘staring down the barrel of a 45’ was about staring down at this planet and what it throws at you, how you have maneuvered through your life.”

I remember when this hit the radio waves. It had quite the impact. Beautiful and tragic.

Interesting that you heard “Anger” in the last section. I’ve always heard it as more “Screaming into the void”… a desperate attempt at catharsis when there is no apparent solution to the problems. But I wouldn’t equivocate that with anger. When you get to that point, anger is in the rearview mirror, you’re well beyond it. This is the point of desperation for relief in any form. To my ear, this is more a scream of reluctant resignation. I suppose there’s no right or wrong interpretation of art, I just hear it a bit differently.

There is a live version of this song, I believe from Kansas City. Brent Smith explains the origin of this song. It’s a message that many need to hear.