Therapist Reacts to Custer - Slipknot

Clicking for the knot staying for her reactions. And let’s face it how damn pretty she is doing it.

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I really love Slipknot and some other metal bands. Not sure why, but her reaction videos almost makes me cry several times (in her reaction to “hey daddy” from korn, I actually cried more than once hahaha)

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Bro is vibing…

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I am just here for the faces :rofl:

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you just slipknoted…

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Jesus this is the therapist i need. Subbed.

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May I recommend ESDM? Extreme Slam Death Metal, ie Extermination Dismemberment or Kraanium. Don’t get me wrong, I love Slipknot to death as their music saved me in high school.

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I like to imagine one day I make an apointment with a therapist and he/she tells me: hey listen to this slipknot music…

When I was a teenager, I struggled with FOMO(fear of missing out) and not being included. Got to the point of just no longer caring what others thought or if I was included or not. Found my peace in solitude and focused on important things, not social bs.

You should check out the album The Sound of Perseverance by Death.

He says gets crushed by governed people ignorance and jealousy and all the governed evils

Im really surprised she didn’t point out/reflect on the line “You form a line to formalize the former lies”

I just discovered your channel and I loved this reaction, I love this song
Greetings from Brazil

You should do reaction to a kiss song never enough

I love her excitement at the beginning :sob:

Loved this reaction lol :joy::joy::joy: you gained a sub :heart::heart::blush:

I’m just discovered you and your amazing…huge metal head here…seeing you jam makes me happy that therapists can actually understand how metal is such amazing thing.

My dad was in the airforce in the 2000s and he listend to slipknot while on deployment

So cool, thanks for your time. It’s been great to hear your interpretation.

The pure joy and excitement was so surprising