Therapist Reacts to Custer - Slipknot

I’m 9yrs old and I was listening to this song since I was 2

Please react to slipknot - iowa

Rage is a human emotion and is completely natural. And most trauma is caused by things that makes us angry. Thats why metal is the best form of therapy, Its okay to be angry everyone… Just dont take it out on anyone innocent.

Therapist needs a therapist after this

Slipknot is the band she analyzes the most. In fact, of all the playlists she has of different bands, most of them have one song. Slipknot’s playlist has 26. :joy:

You really should do popular monster

her reactions is how i look whenever i listen to slipknot

The dances lmfao nice…

Meanwhile she ingores that corey said the fuck 49 times

Most people think slipknot is just noise but its poetic genius in reality

the best pre workout is listening custer

Your comments on the song’s lyrics you react are always so spot on!

I wanna see a FedEx employee react next

Thank you for your videos. Now i understand everything they sing about thanks to you. I’ve being listening them for 18 years or something and as ESL/musician i mostly enjoyed music but now they mean more for me. Also if somebody needs therapy, that’s me. I’m from ukrainian and i`m in Crimea now…