Therapist Reacts to Dig by Mudvayne

12 gauge autopsy by peeling flesh next :pray:t2:

Mudvayne, nice! Check out the supergroup project Chad Gray (lead singer) was involved with, HELLYEAH, specifically “Hush”.

Taylor - I need you to please do this song - “Mudvayne - Nothing To Gein Live Ozzfest 2001!”

Severely underrated musicians, especially the bassist.

I love Dig, however, I find Not Falling to be more impactful with a very similar message.

Fun fact. Mudvayne were nominated for some award when this album was out. The band went to the awards show in suits and makeup to make it look like they were all shot in the forehead execution style.

GIRL ANYTHING THAT CHAD GRAY IS a part of is GOLDEN love this man

This got me through my 8th grade year…

Great analysis. I could only think of 1 or 2 more songs more appropriate for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Severed, prod, cradle, death blooms

The fact that this is a song that has lyrics like"let me talk you the wrong way off the ledge" in a fundraiser video for mental illness is so funny to me. Btw great song i’ve been headbanging to for years

Republicans need to hear all that about change xD

Politics and jokes aside, ai am so glad I found yhis chanbel to me. These are the most helpful reaxtions ever, thank you.

Welcome to Mudvayne, doc.

Great explanation of the song :+1:

She has a Good mind sight… Most just cast a blind eye… shes cool in my book…

I thought her Obvious Reaction to the lyrics… Let Me Help you Hold the Gun Against Your Head… Finger light socket… BzzzZAP!!!.. Music is just a representation of Emotion… Beautiful Emotions… This isnt a whack at emo yadda yadda… Each type of song you hear… holds a significant response, in everybody… Mudvayne earned my Respect and Loyalty back in L.D. 50… I will Pound those tunes in my car even when I’m old and grey… Makes me Happy…

Nothing to Gein :)…

World so cold ~ Mudvayne (album version) please :pray:

Funny how I’ve listened to LD50 since the day it dropped some 23+ years ago, but never interpreted Dig this way :smiley: Very interesting expanding one’s understanding, keep up the great work!

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