Therapist Reacts to Forty Six and 2 by Tool

Maynard is probably the best spiritual teacher . The more people actually listen…the better.

The darkness is great but the light is worth it.

Tattoo that my ex husband had on his collar bone. Unfortunately he lost his battle with depression.

A therapist?..

You really need to do Jimmy. It does have some references from Maynard’s personal life but it looks like you do your homework so you should be fine.

You really nailed it on the first listen! Been trying since the song came out, but i think I’ve regressed to 42 & 2. The song still gives me hope though.

I love that you react to mostly rock music every one thinks all us rock heads are devil worshippers or dark when it’s just raw emotional music and much less harmful then rap music now days in my opinion

This video has helped me realize why I am in this off state. I am currently stepping through my shadow. Thank you for posting this and helping me realize that. Hopefully I will see y’all on the other side!

On that note, I would like to request Pushit, by TOOL. I know you have a long list of requests, but thought I’d throw that out there.

You want a Tool song to listen to? Parabola would be a good one.

btw, it’s basic human genetics: 46 total chromosomes; not 44…we would all be apes.

Maynard always – at least when he’s doing work with Tool – has a unique, whispering, anger, boiling away just below the surface. Check out Eulogy from Aenima (it’s track 2, fyi) and that song really illustrates what I mean.

Check out his other bands puscifer and a perfect circle. No angle from puscifer would be a good one

Not sure if this has been commented; 46 n 2 is 23 chromosomes from your parents.

I have to wonder if any of your patients have found you online lol. I’ve had therapists a couple times before and if I ever came across any one of them dancing to Tool on youtube it would have put a grin on my face that would have been stuck there for decades. I probably wouldn’t have needed therapy anymore. That’s how happy it would have made me.

Please do something off Movements “Feel something”album, they wrote about a lot of mental health topics, I would suggest the song “Full Circle”, or “Daylily”

The only way out is through.

Haha :rofl: nope. We have 23 chromosomes

we have 46 not 44 chromosomes

the vibin she has going on in this video is contagious!!

I would love to see and hear what you think about their song Wings For Mary.