Therapist Reacts to Forty Six and 2 by Tool

Pretty good. Muscle Memory may be the exercises we have practiced beyond reflex. Beyond

Brass tacks people. As a therapist break down prison sex

Morpheus, Neo and Trinity went to the Oracle for a vision and she pointed them to Tool for the answer

That’s the only way you can do battle with your inner Darkness within yourself and defeat the Beast Within and make it behave so that the Persona the real you can shine and the Beast is put in his cage until needed

So with the end of this the only thing that stands is you have to do things in spite of not because of but in spite of in spite you will go through all this because you want the results of the other side you will go through the pain and though it hurts you go through it in spite of it Spite and anger can get you through a lot of things if you really want to change that’s been the focus point of humanity you have to get angry enough uncomfortable enough with your situation to change if you’re comfortable if you’re stagnant you won’t change instead you will Wither on the vine so embrace your inner anger embrace the righteous indignation that Humanity has inside because they know it ain’t right and make the changes necessary to live a real life

The biggest one that we all have to face this we have to start setting boundaries and not allowing people to cross them also do not allow yourself to be controlled by others you must have self-control and self-actualization because the only thing you can control in this world is yourself and do not allow the Puppet Masters to control you

The other way to tap the subconscious is through civilization and other substances made from mushrooms which Humanity were using for thousands of years before the government made it illegal because of nefarious purposes so they can keep you on their system so they can control you

I believe they’re right if you notice the microchip you noticed that the only way to get there is through technology he’s saying that in no uncertain terms they going to start performing Gene editing on human beings

I had watched an interview of Maynard James Keenan;,whereas his explanation and focus of this song is different and not what you would expect.

happy song by bring me the horizon

I didn’t know about the Chromosome bit and related the 46&2 to possibly Psalms 46&2, which states Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.
I originally made this correlation because of him talking about Armageddon in the song Aenema.
Psalms 42 is basically stating to take refuge in God, even though everything may go to shit, and not to let fear get in your way of progressing.

Basically, I took 46&2 just ahead of me as what I will become once I overcome my fears that cause the destruction and collapse of oneself.

Interesting take from a follower of Carl Jung. This song is about the alchemist’s journey. Lead to gold. Lead is mundane, gold id divinity. This song is about the apotheosis of the hero’s path. I really like your Carl Jung Analysis. Jung was an occultist too.

This song is so motivating and helps when wanting to lift heavy in the gym or and type of workout :heart::love_you_gesture::pray:

It makes me smile so wide to finally see you fully grasp what Tool has to offer.

at 1:25…We currently have 46, two sets of 23 plus 2 (X and Y) …thus Forty-Six & 2

I’m in love with the girl that listens to TOOL and KARNIVOOL!

Listen to Social Distortion Angels Wings.

He’s talking about his shadow work

Been binging your vids as I love your perspective, and I’m a massive tool fan, this is my fav so far :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

Lisen “pink floyd”…