Therapist Reacts to Freak on a Leash by Korn

The pun ta pun ta I’m not enough the pun ta ta I’m not enough. In Spanish punta means point… so he’s saying the point is he’s not enough… Go! So void! Something I’m not gone do! Void somethings they void! So something I’m not gona do fine somethings they void.

You’re welcome :hugs:

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Watch "ya’ll want a single " by Korn. The entire song is a slap in the face to the record label who tried controlling the band

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I always took the scat part as the things festering inside you and building, the anger, pain, whatever trauma or pestering things that you keep inside so that you can make it through the day. Then when he says go its the moment you release that tension and you breakdown, smash shit, just rage and let it out. And then things are a bit better after.

Huh, all of these years after first hearing this and it took the current stream of shit I’m currently swimming in to truly relate to the lyrics.

“You couldn’t really understand what he was saying”
Only we know ……

You should also check out “Y’all Want a Single” which is their true feelings towards the music industry since I believe at the time they were having contract disputes or something along those lines when the album “Take a Look in the Mirror” came out.