Therapist reacts to Hope by NF

Do one on “how could you us” and find out why he’s forgiving his mom

Sigh… Deep breath … Man I really needed to hear this today. I have heard this song many times before however today I really needed this in my life and you more so to drive it home with your words of encouragement and support truly thank you for this video I love you both keep putting out the wonderful videos !!

Remember in the search he said I’m looking for the map to Hope have you seen it. So much of his music and his songs are intertwined and he has nuggets and foreshadows all the time. Absolutely love listen to your reactions. You’re such a young lady but seem like you have such an old soul I really enjoy it.:blush:

I have listened to the song 100,000 times and watched 100,000 reaction videos and it just now hit me that Doubt and fear with the balloons, and regret with his old self really do mirror the verses of Mansion… He’s a genius and I’m apparently clueless :rofl::rofl: I recognised the representations and rooms of his mind but didn’t correlate them to the the exact emotions discussed in Mansion… :exploding_head::rofl::woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

This video has references from many different music videos from all his albums. All his music videos are great and have a deep meaning!

If you want know the whole NF journey you need to listen to, real, intro 1, intro 2 and intro3 and outro and things will fall into place for you

Now you have to finish listing to Hope the whole album. Wait till you get to Mama where he has come full circle and you hear him talk about it and that song as far as his relationship with his mother

Please react to Pandemonium!!

the black nf is “fear”; it is from intro 3, but also mansion… you ll see it in running too

I suffer a lot with my MH and struggle coping. Only here for my Wife.

Listening to this track always hypes me up.

to much rap please qwerty-mushroomhead please

I think he was symbolizing that Hope just showed up “out of the blue”

Awesome reaction…check out running next

You actually pointed to the right song, there was a line

“I’m looking for the Map to Hope have you seen it”

And this is the title track from his latest album HOPE :relieved::metal:t2:

Even though my NF journey started with The Search, Hope’s music video is the best one I’ve ever seen.

The build up, the culmination, the references, the meaning…it’s all on full display, and it hits so hard.

I’m so glad you reacted to this song & video

There’s also a song named “Mama”.

In the mansion he was remembering the bad days of his life. It was during Perception when he was the most depressed and then during The Search he was in the healing/therapy stage of his life. Now he’s battled all that and here we are…HOPE!

Yes…I am feeling a little bit hopeful nowadays and feeling the demons that want to burn me in my negative thoughts are getting stronger… but I will be patient…I will be strong…

Since NF is on the radar, you should give “Happy” a review.

You have really adorable reactions. Well balanced with good therapy advice