Therapist reacts to Hope by NF

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Hope by NF to discuss the value of letting hope exist even if there is still a part of you that is afraid to hope. We don’t have to destroy the part of us that rages against hope we just have to learn how to exist with it and give hope the reigns in our life anyway. As you listen to this song you can cultivate hope and visualize yourself handing hope the reigns.


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You missed intro 3. I wish you would have listened before this one.

Do nf and cordea carefull im posting it till we get it

everything NF puts out is truth and fire

He says directly in his song The Search “I’m lookin’ for the map to Hope, you seen it?” It’s really cool how he brings all his music together as a narrative.

Another great reaction :blush:.

Please do Running by him.

I absolutely love your reactions!

I never clicked SO FAST!!! Love the NF reactions Taylor. there is SO MUCH hidden stuff in this video

intro to his song “Why” he says “I can’t trust this thing that beats inside my chest” so when he describes the definition of success as “listening to what your heart says” :fire::black_heart::white_heart: p.s. waiting for your next NF reaction is has me "HOPE"ing all week - more please!!!

This was soo beyond huge when it came out. So many references to his older videos and his growth.

I love how she actually likes the song aswell

You have got to go through the NF journey!! It’s so impactful and outstanding!!

His white represents how he has risen above past struggles. He basically cuts his old self off of him, which all started with his latest Album, “Hope”. Since then, he’s only wearing white nowadays, whereas in the past he was only wearing black.

Fantastic breakdown… loved your excitement… it’s infectious. Suspect you’re immediately watching the song again :grimacing:

masterpiece is the right world, ma’am.

When this song dropped it was when I was struggling with the particular issue of the voice dragging me down Hope is my favorite album and Running is my favorite song can’t wait to see more of your reactions to him they mean a lot to me to see your thoughts

You should check out problematic, would love to see your reaction to Damaged, rap about depression and angel vs demon

I just love you!!!:rofl: Quality!!!:fire::fire::fire:

p.s.s. in his song “Lost” he says 'But what I really wanna do is learn to handle my thoughts and put the reins on 'em, show ‘em I’m the one that’s the boss’ In this song he DOES IT!!!