Therapist reacts to Linkin Park - Friendly Fire

He was our voice and the saddest realization is that we couldn’t save the person who saved us! :cry:

i need a LP doku on netflix

The first time i listened to this song i was at work. I had to hide so i could finish it because i genuinely could not hold back the tears.

you know the angel chester… listen to “Given Up” to get to know his demon.

This is so beautiful, you are so beautiful

You should do a video on crawling.

I spent a year listening to Meteora on repeat when it came out and still listen to my favorite song, Faint, all the time. They have always been my favorite band because they have been able to express what I can’t through their music. When they released Lost last year, it hit me and brought up a lot of things I wasn’t ready for. My kids now listen to LP with me and I have the privilege of teaching them about expressing themselves through the music they enjoy. That said, Taylor, please, will you review Lost and give your thoughts on it because it is very impactful song and I think it would help many if they have not already heard it.