Therapist Reacts to Prison Sex by Tool

I took the line “I was so young and vestal then” to not be literal. I figured the protagonist (is that what you call it in a song?) was victimized when he was first incarcerated can’t relate to his old self anymore. “Blood and flesh can’t be trusted” could mean family but it comes right after the first verse that shifts from the victim to perpetrator perspective. I think “blood and flesh” means humanity and he’s relishing teaching a victim a lesson he himself learned the hard way. “People suck. They made me suffer. I’m going to enjoy your suffering now because this is all we are.”

I’ve been a Tool fan for a very long time and picked up bits and pieces of this song over the years but needed this reaction to have a better understanding of it. When I was 6 years old (insert the worst thing that comes to mind that a dude can do to a little boy) happened to me. I have had anger and rage issues most of my life and I’m now 45 years old. I have just recently learned to let go a little bit and just let shit be what it is but if there is ever a situation where I need to unload the evil I have buried down deep it is there cocked and loaded, ready to go.

This is the one Tool song I really avoid listening to :face_with_diagonal_mouth: