Therapist Reacts to Slipknot Vermilion pt 2

She is the representation of happiness that he knows he can never have

How about devil in i?..

This song helped me through a decade long break up

I kinda think that the first one was about an obsession whereas the second one is the realization that the perfect person is just a figment of our imagination but at the end when her eyes open and she sees the sun it’s about seeing the light after the storm is done !!

She reminds me of the butterfly in part 1 that also laid to rest at the end.

Before I found out the what the song was actually about I thought it was about dealing with bipolar as a man and the struggle with the rage and anger mixed with deep sadness and shame and struggling with identity and who I was. It still hits me like that to this day

Thank you for helping me understand my feelings. Thank you!

Bought this album when it dropped. Only speakers in the house were on my brothers computer in his room. Im in there listening to this when him and then wife. Ex wife to him now but not my story. She asked me who it was and couldn’t believe it was slipknot. Didnt ask me why i was listening loud and tears behind a smile. That goes back to old drama in my life.

Try listening to Monophonia by Deadmau5

To me, the songs are about being in a relationship with someone who you’ve put on a pedastal and worship. The first song is the anger and rage felt immediately losing that person, while part 2 is about the sadness felt over that loss and realization that they are gone. The she isn’t real part is realizing that the person you loved was not who they really were. It was merely an image that you built in your own head of who they were.
After my divorce, when people asked why we weren’t together anymore, I told them it was because I was in love with someone who didn’t exist. Both of these songs, along with other Slipknot songs, helped me get through some rough times.

I have had a crush on a girl for years, I’ve told her but she just wants to be friends. I thought she could fix me. I cant not think about her. I can’t stop and it hurts. I don’t cry that often but I listened to this and fell apart. I need help man. Please

Both songs go through the five stages of grief vermillion pt 1 being the first two vermillion pt 2 being the last three

She isn’t real. I can’t make her real. :broken_heart:

Or, he needed to be rid of the thought of her, and the only way for him to do so was to try and convince himself she was never real. Or, for him.

If there is a song id recommend for you to listen to, it is Iowa the last song in their second album (Iowa).
Its their darkest song to date, and is difficult for most to digest.

Yeah theres sadness. Cause he killed her and now his obsession is gone and he regrets it.

Did you all notice the first time she opened? Her eyes? Is when Corey said she isn’t real
Been listening to slipknot for 15 years :heart:

Actually if we pay attention to the visuals, Vermillion part 2 was the prequel to the whole storyline of Vermillion which was an amazing approach. It started as an unrequited admiration that turned into an unhealthy obsession (part1).