Therapist reacts to Stinkfist by Tool

Heres a kinda random tidbit of information - there is an excellent mashup of this song and Taylor Swift’s We Are Never Getting Back Together done by a guy named William Maranci. It’s a banger.

Dopamine is like any other drug. You feel a high, then a drop off that brings you below baseline, then you need more to get to that same high but never really quite satisfies like that first time.

The song is just about overstimulation in general. Anything that gives you that dopamine. And it’s never enough. They are just using anal training as a metaphor for it because well that’s Tool.

Sometimes TOOL just likes to troll. Like say making a song about fisting.

*agrees in full about utilizing mindless simulation tactics whilst numb scrolling through TOOL reaction videos to get some sort of hint at happiness and pleasure

The pain is overpowering the numbness I feel.

There are layers of irony to watching an analysis of a song about filling distraction.

Wish i could feel pleasure all the time :joy:

Just a heads up while most of Tools songs have deep meanings.

Maynard has said in many interviews that if the song sounds like it’s about blowjobs and gay sex it probably is just that.


I hate to be negative but I feel like you have mostly missed what is being relayed here. Lines can be drawn to give meaning to the song on a larger scale, but bottomline the song is about a relationship with someone who has BPD.

That face you made :rofl:

For my tool fans there is a band called mer that did an album covering tool songs. It’s like acoustic electronic and it’s almost as amazing as tool. Check it out.