Therapist reacts to Stinkfist by Tool

Do Paradise by KMFDM…

This song is actually about fisting someone i was shocked when i found out maynard is weird but tool are amazing live such beautifull musicans

Tool is not a “really really special band” Tool is an experience. Maynard is as deep as it gets with his messages. His message in this one is more relevant today than it was when he wrote it meaning, he sees into our futures :blush:

Bottomline, I think it was a good thing that I never understood any of Tool music videos. That way I did not feel like the need to burst my head open. Just enjoyed the beautiful music so f$&king relaxing

Sometimes a song about fisting, is just a song about fisting. Well written and the music is good. I don’t think Maynard’s lyrics are deep here. I think this one is meant to be superficial. It’s an edgy rock band singing about fisting

I was surprised to see stinkfist show up in the playlist

checkin in…

Trust in TOOL…

Some pain has the promise of pleasure

PLEASE react to the video for Happiness and Slavery from Nine Inch Nails. I’d love to see your facial expression to that one, lol. Or either their original or Johhny Cash’s cover of Hurt

Valid points, but i think you are focusing on a symptom of the ocerarching theme of the lyrics. I view the lyrics as a warning against the manipulation and control entertainment/media can, and will exert on mass consumers.

Have you ever listened to Blue October? Listen to the live version of a song called light you up. I used to work in drug and alcohol detox facilities facilitating groups and would very often implement their music as a tool for recovery and empowerment. 8m not sure how I stumbled onto your page but Im certainly happy that I did. You my sweet one are a special soul. You are changing peoples lives and how they think of themselves. You are the voice of reason and your energy is like no other. Thank you for what you are doing in this lifetime. Thank you for being you! If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to check out the band Blue October.
For me Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer and Blue October are my therapy go to bands. Maynard James Keenan is a huge inspiration to me. I struggle with my own issues and his lyrics have lessened the hard blows that Ive endured. Thanks, again.

My take, it’s about the dark spiral of sexual depravity or any destructive spiral such as addiction. As the song progresses, you start with the finger deep within the borderline, then the knuckle, elbow, and then shoulder. (Oddly, or not, a fist isn’t mentioned anywhere but in the title.) To breathe to feel to know I’m alive. It could also be related to the general degradation of western society with the “what became of subtlety” meaning how society would clutch pearls over an exposed ankle 150 year ago but today some people wear next to no clothing in public. Or the evolution of ladies beach wear. Full cover to barely there. I can also see it being about a man manipulating a not so willing woman to do things she wouldn’t normally do to by gently coaxing her with small nudges in a particular direction because he needs that level of interaction to feel anything. Oh Maynard. You’re such a genius. Almost every song is a pandora’s box of human psychology, interaction and behavior. Can’t get enough and learn something new with every serious listen.

Tool helped me stay alive when I don’t want to

Step 1: Learn Tool auditorily. Step 2: Take on Tool visually.

This whole tool album is about pain and healing. It’s an absolute masterpiece.

There is layer upon layer in the meaning of every lyric in TOOLs songs.

Taylor needs to reacts to FORTY SIX & 2. would love to hear her thoughts!

Lmao she gets the double meaning behind the song

very applicable song for today…i.e. social media. i remember this song came out when I was a senior in college. we thought it was about drugs.