Therapist reacts to Vicarious by Tool

Loved it. I will definitely say with Tool, the music video has its own meaning alongside some parallels with the lyrics but not always. Adam Jones, the guitarist usually has done the videos. From what I remember from an old interview, it’s that he wants the music video to go alongside the music but not necessarily lyrically. It’s why it all seems abstract when trying to tie it to Maynard’s lyrics.

Please do the noose by a perfect circle

“He enjoys the pain of others” (and death)…vicarious(ly). The song is about how we learn to accept our own mortality, vicariously. We are curious to experience it “from a good safe distance”.

I think it’s also part of a modern survival instinct- looking for confirmation that we are safe, we’re making decisions that keep us out of the peril that we see around us. For some people I think there is a perverse joy, a masochistic satisfaction, but I also believe that most of us are simply happy to know we are safe.

Do the noose by the perfect circle the lead singer is from tool

keep diging TOOL rabit hole till you reach The Grudge

I miss the days of Alex Grey in Tool videos

He actually explained this during the Salival tour (if you will). The difference in hate and anger. Destructive and constructive behaviors. Anger is constructive because instead of fighting someone, he’s gonna create a song and sing his anger out. Hate would have him doing physical damage to himself and others. It’s also why he doesn’t scream much anymore. When he does, it’s extremely selective and has major purpose. What good does it do someone to continue to scream about the same things over and over? There is no growth. I digress. Your reaction video had me in tears. Thank you for that. The more people begin to hear the depth of Tool, the more free we become… I know that sounds weird, but some of us cannot afford therapy lol. Tool is exactly that. A Tool, to be used, I believe, for the ultimate self awakening. Thank you again.

Wasn’t following at the beginning but you really took this in an interesting direction, good analysis, I think those things that ‘deserve’ to be destroyed are precisely those tendencies that are driving the divide between us deeper and isolating us from our own sense of being humane and caring because it can be scary and painful

Ego - Self relationship :wink:. Btw Taylor, that thumb ring attracts energies which hopefully you will be able to handle :pray:. Too many new age fancy things around, playing with fire.

The Direction of your Destruction. Beautiful words

Your reactions are adorable!

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Her profession is basically understanding the mind and giving good advice on how to handle it without becoming depressed/homicidal/suicidal. Some people have seen some things, in person, that some of us have seen pictures of that we all know would be traumatic to see. Results of accidents, war, gangs, natural disasters, etc. that a person can’t unsee. Our intelligence is both a curse and a gift.

I didn’t go through your list, but if it has not already happened, I recommend to react to “Weak And Powerless” by A Perfect Circle.

“You are NOT the father!”
Crowd cheers.
Humans suck.

News would never sell if it didnt involve a death or deaths. BTW It is not a happy song to dance to.

You all need it, too. Don’t lie…