Therapist want to be Happy. By NF

unrelated. ur smile is so infectious i cant help but be happy xD

I’m here for your NF journey …. So much for you to unpack

HI, I know I’m a bit late to this but i just want to say somthing, NF music as you can probably tell by now is not just music, his telling a story/stories, doing them randomly isn’t really bad, but if you watch them in order you will be much more Intune, tho if you just trying to focus on Therapy, I’ll recommend a few songs:
(1)NF therapy session
(2) NF Hope ( its one of the newer ones )
( 3 ) NF Why would you leave us
(4) NF Mansion
(5) NF Motto ( another newer one )
(6) NF - Real
(7) NF why
(8) NF change
(9) NF, Sasha Sloan - Only
(10) NF - When I Grow Up
this are not in order, this are just my top 10 that personally got me through some stuff
trust me and the NF community, you won’t regret this journey, Enjoy :wave:

I want to see the reaction to “Therapy Session” or “Mansion”

My favorite singer is nf.

There’s no one better explaining depression than NF. Decades passes while hopelessness becomes a natural habitat that you move into. It becomes comfortable in there without sunlight shining through. Everything is black and grey, every other colour feels unnatural :black_heart: Purpose has sunk to the bottom from the surface.
I’m happy for those who was blessed to live a happy and meaningful life :sparkling_heart: Maybe one day I too will join you guys

I looooove this song…

I would love for you though on Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine album . You did a great job on all those Slipknot songs

Honestly one of the hardest songs by NF wasn’t How could you leave us? It’s Mama for me. The ability of Nathan to learn to forgive his mother and to say I love you is one of the most beautiful and saddest messages for me.

I remember when was happy but he was hurt so I don’t that to happen again

Freaking! :sweat_smile:

Paid My Dues by NF is soul-touching. Gotta listen to it!

Are you christian…

I start the video and as the song starts playing, slowly something begins to bubble up inside like a hand grabbing my throat from inside and then, @1:38min i throw my headphones of and puse the video. frikk on a stick… now lets continue…

do how could you leave us

Please do HOPE :sob:

Depression is addiction. It’s so hard to be outside of misery because we miss the demons on our shoulders. There’s some kind words they whisper to us that is JUST enough to keep them closer than real people. We don’t want the opportunity to hurt others so we listen to the demons that hurt US. In the end, being lonely is the best way (in our heads) but if there is just ONE ray of light breaking the darkness, we can see that there is hope. It’s SO hard to reach into that light, SO hard to accept help. But when we do, the healing begins. Like Nate says, the truth is I just can’t imagine who I’d be if I was happy. Fantastic song, one of his best, and an amazing and inspirational breakdown. Thank you for bringing awareness, not only to depression in general, but also to MEN suffering depression.

I love your content :heart:

I’ve always loved NF. His music makes me feel things I need to get better

When people say what song is you, this is it…