Therapist want to be Happy. By NF

Subbed for NF…loving your insightful thinking. Definitely therapeutic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

“I dont why why, but i feel more comfortable living in my agony…” I haven’t heard this yet and I just broke down…

Love seeing someone on their NF journey

you should do Story and Hope by NF

The way u explained this at like 2 mins - 3 mins was so accurate… if I was happy I wouldn’t be me I think…

One thing I would like to point out is that the music and lyrics (and by proxy the video) are in juxtapostion to each other… the music is upbeat, while the lyrics are looking at the problem that is fear and being uncomforatble with the new. that is an underlying theme to NFs music. the hope and fear waring with each other and both residing in his heart and mind, wanting to pull him in different directions and he doesnt know who to listen to. This is also a cry out to God in realizing he cant figure it out and he needs help.
I think its important to realize that in our fear and worry and anxiety we dont think clearly. In fact we never act clearly either. We need someone else’s eyes on the situation to help guide us out of the bad situation and give us support and even make decisions that are healthy so we know we are safe.
If you have someone in your life that is dealing with things like this, be there for them. Help them see other avenues and options. check in on them and let them know they are okay and safe.
Last thing to put out there, when the daughter went to the door and knocked and her mom opened it, think back to what NF said about his mom in “why did you leave us”. If he had only picked up the phone, would she have still be here? The daughter is getting the chance to have her mom in her life NF didnt. I think this video and the lyrics are saying something about what NF wished he could have done to save his mom and still have her in his life. just something to think about.

I have a lot of suicidal friends and I’m also suicidal. This song gives me hope.

I turn 29 next week and I am finally starting therapy (my second appointment is tomorrow) because in my 29 years I don’t think I have ever properly loved myself or let myself be happy and I very much am ready to.

You really do get used to the misery. Used to the sadness. Used to the chaos. You start to expect it. Start to seek it. You feel like it’s all you deserve. You settle into it, and it’s strangely comfortable. It feels right.

And because it feels right you do awful things to your self. You believe awful things about yourself. You let others do the same. But that’s fine because “What else is there?” Sabotage everything good and gravitate to everything bad.

I separated myself from the bad things and thought that would be the magic fix all bandaid I needed but that just left me alone with myself and all my sadness, all my guilt, all my internalized anger. I don’t think that has been much better. :sweat_smile: My life is quiet now. No longer chaotic, but the chaos still lingers inside my head.

I am very much an anxious mess about the change but nobody should live this way. It’s very lonely. I am definitely scared to be happy but its better than being scared of myself.

Top of the fundraiser saying “You Are Not Alone” made me cry. Because that’s what my quote was to everyone when I lost my best friend to depression and alcoholism. He took his own life March 9th. So far I’ve been determined to be a voice for those hiding in the shadows. Don’t ever forget that there is always someone going through the same horrible thing as you, you yourself are special, but we as a people are stronger together. When you need help, just say hey. Someone will respond. Trust me.

@HeartSupport I’ve watched like 17 of your videos tonight…I’m self medicating and really over it. I especially connected to this video because I’ve been like this for a long…long time. Anything different is scary…you put it something like “This anguish is all I know…” I’m not immortal and it feels like I’m just wasting what time I have… As aforementioned, I have been watching your videos all night, I even shared one, I forget which in this moment…done a lot of crying. If I could make a request? White Balloons - Sick Puppies. Trust me, you’ll love it. I have a lot to think about, thank you…

I need this woman to be my therapist

For such a long time, I was afraid to be happy, I compared it to climbing up a tall diving board and being so scared about finally jumping that I would rather keep climbing up and down, I would rather stay in the familiar somber feelings and shutt myself off than feelings the unfamiliar feelings of happieness and connection, glad I made that jump in the end

@Heart Support exactly why I’ve dedicated this as my life song

Marry Me!!!..

Fix the frame rate on the camera directly in front of you haha. the one to your left is smooth, but the one in front of you is glitchy.

The way she gets into this song is so uplifting. NF’s music is changing lives

Being depressed for years and then suddenly having a surprisingly good day scares me. I’m already used to a depressed and lonely life. Didn’t even remember when the lights in my room lit, I prefer it dark and just sulk in my bed.

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Please React to Just Like You - NF :heart: please

listen to Invisible by NF