Therapist want to be Happy. By NF

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Happy by NF to discuss the ways in which it can feel safe for many people to stay stuck in their depression or mental health problems because the unknown of who they would be if they healed is scary. When we listen to this song we have the opportunity to move away from this place of fear and move into a place of imagination.

react to Suffer by Get Scared!! It’s about the lead singers addiction to a lot of stuff and it’s also implied/shown in the music video!!!

Expecting tears…

this is going to be a good one…

NF’s catalog is a masterpiece! Thank you ! Appreciate you!

One of the best track’s of the year…PERIOD!

Anybody with mental health should watch this channel, its helped me soo much with my mental health and I can’t thank Taylor enough for her wise words :heart:

Intro 3 please, you won’t regret

The first time I heard this song, I cried for 15minutes straight.

I love the fact that we are, as a society, finally in a place where people can actually TALK publicly about mental health. Especially men. I was raised to believe that ‘men don’t talk about their feelings. We work, we take care of our families, and don’t complain, and that’s it.’ I just entered my 40s and I struggle to open up and talk to my wife about what bothers me and we are better for it as a couple. She knows I struggle with expressing myself, but works with me.

Pls pls react to How Could You Leave Us……then Hope :pray::pray::heart::canada:

My god you put a smile my grumpy face. So wholesome i cant cope haha

omg i fuc…ki…ng i mean freaking love it :rofl:

Listen to Twenty one Pilots newest single, Next Semester, heavy song under the layers

ive herd this song so many times but it still hits. glad you’ve heard NF!

Yes. It is hard…

Heart. Support :heart:
You always break down hard fact to talk about.
I’ve always known that music was the cure for the common soul, but finding the cure for my self has always been difficult.
“Who ill be if I was happy”
Love jYa
Please jeept them comming

You think that song was sad from NF… check out “Why would you leave us”. That NF hurts the hardest ALL TRUE.

Mansion or riot… :heart:

NF’s Hope album slaps soo much.

I only listen to NF alone. :joy: Don’t wanna have a grown man crying like a baby in front of everybody, now do we?