What’s your song/band rn?

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a good day so far! Figured a way to chat happy thoughts would be to drop your favorite songs/bands at the moment below!
I’ll start: I’m really digging LANDMVRKS right now but I’ve been bumping MIW and Too Close To Touch as of late.
What about you?


Killswitch Engage, especially their song called Strength Of The Mind!


I can definitely ride that wave, Seth! I’m a huge Howard Jones fan so I love Killswitch (both with and without him) and his work with Light The Torch. Dope stuff :+1:t3:


I between by Beartooth is a good song if you are into metal core.
My favorite luyic is as I look down the mountains I see down below life can be small over dose.


Today is a MIW and Powerwolf day for me. For MIW - Eternally Yours (acoustic version and regular) and for Powerwolf- Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend.

I could honestly talk music all day every day. Probably why I really loved having a radio show in college. If anyone Ever wants music recommendations - hit me up

Icon for Hire talks a lot about mental health in their music and Ariel is a total sweetheart. My anxiety was too bad to go to their show alone when no one would go with me and she messaged me back inviting me personally. I teared up big time but I still couldn’t bring myself to go… TT_TT


My personal Top 5 favorites:

  1. Lacey Sturm/Flyleaf
  2. RED
  3. Tonight Alive
  4. NF
  5. PVRIS



I can dig that. Flyleaf is legendary. Got a sick top 5 my dude! :fire:


“1-800-273-8255” by Logic


That’s a good one dude. Even the OLN cover is dope!


I’ve been listening to Slaves a ton this week, new and old. Particularly, “my soul is empty and full of white girls”
But I’m also a fan of MIW, I really enjoy their music and watching their interviews on YouTube because I’m a huge nerd. Lastly, Falling In reverse, “losing my life” is one that I really enjoy listening to. Also the music video is pretty rad. If anyone here enjoys the same rock/metal post-hardcore stuff let me know. I’m new to this site and I don’t really know anyone who listens to what I listen to…but I know you’re out there :wink:


Top 5 songs that are helping me out:

  1. A Day To Remember : We Got This
  2. Movements: Daylily
  3. Beartooth: In Between
  4. Simple Plan : Opinion Overload
  5. Witt Lowry: Kindest Regards

The cover by Our Last Night is even better!


Life is not out to get you smooth saulors by neck deep


I totally get that. I’m always the one wanting to go to shows that no one else wants to go to. Just last week, Attila, Suicide Silence, and Volumes put on a show down the street from my apartment and I’m like uhhh…yeah? Why not? So I went by myself, because I don’t have a lot of friends who enjoy the same music as I do. So midway through the set, I bolted out the venue doors, hopped on a scooter, picked up another scooter and threw it over my back and picked up my girlfriend and basically dragged her there lol. Even with a venue full of people who are there for the same reason, I still felt alone so I brought her and surprisingly enjoyed suicide silence. Lol. She doesn’t listen to anything that heavy…not even close but yeah she ended up having fun but it is quite obvious that I need more friends who enjoy the same music. I took her to warped and we saw MIW and they kicked ass. I really enjoy watching them, I especially like watching Chris motionless interviews on YouTube. I could do that for hours, no clue why they’re just a fun band and they fucking shred!


For sure. I saw them at warped too. If it wasn’t for the shitty crowdsurfing then I would have had more fun. (We were on the side of the crowd but they kept coming our way and there weren’t enough people so it was annoying)

The last concert I went to before warped was I Prevail, We Came As Romans, The Word Alive, and Escape the Fate. It was amazing. I was so sad when I found out Kyle Pavone passed away. Especially because I was hoping to see them again in October.

My problem is that I have friends who share the same taste in music but not enough who are willing to go to concerts with me. The only one who has consistently offered lives about an hour away and I only started talking to her again recently.


@Asfixzeeuh I love Our Last Night!! :smiley:


I just started listening to Beartooth and they’ve quickly became one of my favorite bands. I relate to nearly every song on a pretty deep level.


I’ve listened to way too much We Came As Romans this week. It sucks that Kyle could not overcome his demons despite their music helping others overcome theirs. :frowning:


Black Veil Brides cover of Rebel Yell, and Black Mass by Creeper


RIP Kyle. He will be missed <3