When Jamie talks about Overflow

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Therapist reacts to “Overflow” by Polaris and uses the lyrics to encourage a client struggling to share their emotions. We also got a special interview with Jamie Hails vocalist of Polaris.

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Music Video in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvECsj3mIF8


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Oh dude… this is already going to be good. This is awesome!

Crazy how Polaris can take one of the “softer” songs on an album and make it incredibly heavy yet so emotionally charged. Wonderful song with super great lyrics. Also, Jamie is the best. Love his lyrics.

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He’s such a down to earth guy man. I get the opportunity to see them this friday and I’ve been looking forward to it since fatalism released lol.

It’s so heartwarming seeing these bands just gush about seeing the crowd and individual fans and their emotions, how amazing it is to see. I got to see silent planet a few weeks ago in a very small venue, waited forty some minutes afterwards to talk to Garrett, and he’s just as delightful and loving in person as he is during interviews.

Music like this is such a huge reason life itself feels alive, i guess. The passion and care that goes into it is amazing.

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Rest in Peace Ryan Siew. It hurts seeing him in new videos.

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Great video, thank you. Hope the client is doing better too

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My favorite chorus by them so far, love it.

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I’ve suffered so much mental abuse this year from manipulation, gaslighting, cheating, to making me feel like I was going crazy. Like when I listen to this song every time I break down crying because it resonates with my mind. There’s so much hurt that I’m trying to replace with healing.

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What is Youtube getting prepared for? Why are the sides of all the new videos cut off now?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Wow! Amazing and strong words.

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Imminence with Heaven Shall Burn. Violin in metal but singer does the playing of violin while singing and screaming.

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Having been in the crowd for one of thier shows, Polaris just wins. Powerful, emotional, courageous :cry:and cathartic.

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Have you heard " The Aftertouch" ? you’ll love it.

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“where do I shelter when it’s raining inside” is some great writing

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How have i only just found this

Is there the full interview somewhere?

When i clicked i thought shes gonna react to OVERFLOW…but not the song i mean the anime​:skull::skull::skull: