Yeah i always say im good even if someone catches

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Yeah I always say I’m good,even if someone catches me crying,then I get mad if they keep asking,so me being sad turns into now I’m pissed off


It always seems easier to say “I’m okay” instead of being honest. Being honest feels like such a risk. I totally feel you on this and yeah, someone keeps asking and it’s easy to go from sad to mad. Thank you for speaking up.

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Hey friend. First of all, I 100% do understand how you’re feeling. I do also know that sometimes it’s tough to be open about your emotions. When others insist it can be annoying. Sometimes we just need our own space. Your emotions should be expressed in your own time :heart:

Yea, it’s annoying - if not purely distressing - when someone asks how you’re doing and really insists on having an accurate answer. There are times when you just don’t want to have to provide an answer at all. From an external perspective, I would imagine that it usually comes from genuine care and good intentions. If someone sees you crying or seemingly being sad, they can start to worry for you and wonder how they can support you. “How are you?” is usually the first step towards that kind of conversation. But how stressful that can be to be asked that, especially if you’re just not in the mood to talk. Personally, if someone sees me sad and crying, I also tend to have adverse reactions. It’s not comfortable to feel that vulnerable, even less to know that someone saw you in that spot. It feels like being too seen and the world revolves around you suddenly, while you just want to be alone. It makes sense to push others away and to just want to protect yourself when it feels like all your inner barriers are already gone with the pain you feel. So many time, because I wouldn’t want to be seen, I used to cry in silence even if I’d share the same room as someone else. Weird to describe, but it’s definitely part of those times when you just feel a high need to protect yourself. It feels easier to get hurt when we’re already hurting and vulnerable.

I hope that, with time, there can be more open conversations for you about how you feel. Just because your voice matters, as much as your inner world. It’s okay if sometimes it feels impossible to wear a mask. Truth be told, the way it is received by others is their sole responsibility. In the end, you’re not wrong for having a plurality of emotions, and you wouldn’t be wrong if you ever decide to say how you really feel. Sometimes we’re so used to the need of wearing a mask that it becomes automatic. But with people who are trustworthy, who love us as much as we love them, there is a path on which we can learn to put down our masks when they are not necessary. Ultimately, there’s a right time for everything. Wishing for you to always follow your heart on that matter, and to choose when it is appropriate to share things when you feel like it. Hold fast, friend.