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Another progress with my friend that I told you about

Sup everyone,

I wanted to write this progress topic about my friend I have talked about before, for anyone that wants to know what happened before I will link to the two previous topics about him.

With all this finished, let’s begin.

My friend luckily took his anti-psychotics, and it made these urges disappear, which was good, but sadly the side effects were bad, like really fucking bad. He was tired beyond belief, and he couldn’t do anything, so he had to stop taking them until the appointment with his doctor. But the meds kicked in for a day or two, but the urges came back, yesterday he told his doctor and communicated with her about his issues and the problem the meds gave him, so she gave him another one that for now doesn’t show any side effects for now, maybe it needs time to kick properly. Which is def the case here. Now this is the real progress, his doctor told him that he might have psychosis, but the diagnosis is still under review. Which is good in my opinion,fucking finally he got diagnosed. Another progress, I told him about foster homes for his cat and he did talk to the pet shelter about it, so me and him are waiting for a message. Now, this is the more “spicy” part, his bigger brother legitimately didn’t find a house that allows pets for my friend. But my friend now made “peace” so to speak, with his mother and now lives with her and his older but middle brother and his step-sister, and they are moving as well, but the problem lies in the fact they didn’t bother looking for a house that allows pet because his brother’s gf is allergic to cats, which is reasonable. But what if I told you that his middle brother’s gf is his actual STEP-SISTER. Yes, I’m completely serious. His middle brother in an incestual relationship with his own step-sister. So technically they aren’t supposed to be in a relationship, because it’s wrong and fucking illegal, and if it’s not, it should be illegal. What kills me is that they are willing to fuck over their poor brother with mental health problems for this type of fucked up relationship. You might ask why isn’t he going to a mental health facility for a more intensive treatment?it’s because he told me he has some legal papers to do and because he thinks his family is going to give him shit for it or throw him out if he goes and gets help, but I told him “bro, why do you give a shit what these guys think, they have been responsible for all of your fucking suffering, you shouldn’t give a shit what they think” and he agreed, but he told me that they might kick him out, and I told him "why are you making assumptions?"he told me that he doesn’t trust them, which is a good point, they already are making his life hell, like they were saying because he was taking his meds he couldn’t do anything, then I told him. " for a guy who has urges to do fucked up shit, you aren’t willing to stand up to them?"he then told me It’s because they might gang up on him and kick him out, and I was like "shit man, again with the assumptions"but he did have a small point, and he said he needed to get a job at least to be a bit stable before receiving treatment, which is sadly a good point because of his degenerate environment that is abusive.

So yeah everyone, this is what happened after that last topic.


SO GLAD that he’s been getting help and seems to really understand the benefits of taking his meds. Good job staying by his side and helping through all of this. Sounds like things are rough at home for him, but i hope he can get a job soon and be able to have some more independence.

Thanks for the update, here’s hoping that the new meds give him good results with little to no side effects!

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Man, It’s tough to be honest with you. Because for some reason I can’t help but think this
whole situation is going to have a sad ending in the end.Also I hope to god a foster home could be found for his cat,seriously man,I really hope so man.


do you guys have any other friend who’s in a position to responsibly foster the cats for a while, like a few months? I know it’s a slim possibility as you may have already thought about that.

the best thing would be for him to try to focus on himself, on keeping up with his meds, doing any therapy he has to do, and working to get what he needs to be able to have that job and stuff.

You can’t choose your family, but he can try really hard to keep his expectations of them to a real level. if he has to stay with them, let him keep his interactions pleasant and civil and not try to get involved in any drama.

Keep on updating us, so we can make sure you’re doing okay with all of this too, okay? IT is a tough one, but let’s hope that things can keep on progressing for him!

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You see sita,this friend of mine,isnt my friend irl,he is a friend of mine online.As far as I know,he has no IRL friends,because most people are freaked out by his situation,and how could you blame them.With his therapy,his psyche is trying to stabilize him with meds so he can later talk to a proper therapist that could help him with behavior and what not,which makes sense.And I know it sounds bizzare and sorry for asking this again,but why cant I help but think this situation is going to have a bad ending?like legit,why do I have this bad feeling that this while situation is like a house that has a paper foundation?


there are a couple reasons you could be feeling this way. You could be preparing yourself for a bad end to protect yourself if it happens. So if it does happen, you will be prepared for it and it won’t hurt you as much.

you could also be scared for him, esp knowing that his family and housing situation isn’t as supportive as you’d like. Like you know it’s hard for him to be going through it alone in person, and you know it’d be easy if he had a good support system.

Hoping he can have a therapist soon who c an help him figure out all the other stuff, once the meds stabilize him.

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Maybe its the feeling that I wasted all that effort and time,yet still got the same outcome.


what makes you feel this way?

What same outcome? Do you mean being in the same place as his family?

But from where he was, he’s on meds now, and he will see a therapist once the meds stablise him. That’s huge progress! It will take some time, and there may be some ups and downs, but hopefully he finds enough support and motivation to stick with it.

How are you doing with this? You can also feel free to share how you’re doing with it, if you want, that is.

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Same outcome as not me helping him or doctors not helping him,and the bad outcome could be anything bad,like him mudering some poor bastard or suffering like this until he takes his own life.Things that if they become a reality the game would be over and that the bad ending would take place so to speak.What makes me feel this way,is the severity of his case man,because what he has and the mountains of shit I saw he was dealing with.Makes me wonder whether its possible.No is it impossible?I really dont think so.I never expected in a million years I would encounter someone like him


maybe you have some anxiety thats taking over your thoughts?

it’s alarming when you’ve never met someone in such a situation and you are trying to help them over the internet. do you ever imagine what the good outcomes could be for him?
The good thing is that even though it’s new and scary for you and him, the professionals most likely have had lots of experience and training on how to handle these cases. so that is what should give you some hope.

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Its not anxiety per say,its rather a thought in the back of my mind that comes back reminding me from time to time.Now in terms of mental health,its not my first time,not at alllllll infact,I have an extremely high tolerance for fucked up shit.Like his urges dont bother me or scare me that much you know.I had a lot of experience with people with depression,anxiety and even DID(which I helped one of the people who had DID fully integrate,and that will be my crowning achievement) and in general,I have accepted that the human race is capable of some fucked up shit beyond belief.I was surprised that I would encounter this level,its that I found it,rather than the content,out of all people,it was me,Xavier that got him.

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He is so fortunate to have you as a friend! He is in a precarious spot, stuck living with a family that judges him harshly, which will make managing his symptoms more difficult. Something he needs to know about medications, is that it often takes the body a while, at times up to six weeks before the full benefit of the medication manifests. Some medications can make a person feel like poop for a while, then the body adjusts, and the side effects diminish. Tell him not to give up on the medications. He may need to make several medication changes and dose adjustments before they get it right. It will be worth it though.

Remember to take care of yourself and remain safe, even if that means putting some distance between you and that person.

Stay in touch!

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Oh yeah,Im always pressuring him about his meds,but with that situation,it was bad,like really bad and he had to switch,which is understandable.Dont worry about me my friend,I am legitimately got it under control.Im sorry if I sound like a broken record by asking this,but I really have this feeling that this situation with my friend will have a bad ending,with my friend destroying his life by his own hands by doing something stupid to someone or himself,its in the back of my mind and I wish that you guys could help me out with it

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I wish we could help you out with him as well, but the only way we can reach him is through you. That’s why I wanted to be sure that you are okay. This person has a free will, and may place himself beyond your reach. He may also be beyond receiving advice, and trying to give it to him could drive him away. If possible, remain present, and try to make him feel safe when he vents his feelings to you. Doing that one thing could be the only lifeline he can use. If he really seems open to advice, you can provide it gently. I believe you are doing all that you can do for him, and you are doing it well. Your support has to be making a difference, regardless of the outcome. Your presence has helped him to suffer less.