BMTH - Can You Feel My Heart - Therapist Reacts

They opened for Fallout Boy last year and thats where I first heard them and I gotta say damn…. Instantly addicted to their music. The lead singer was so humble and appreciative for the standing ovation he received before Fallout Boy came on. Us Torontonians are a great crowd, but they deserve every bit of praise.

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@heartsupport I can relate to this song.

So the first video I saw of yours was yesterday and it was a song I heard the day the album was released, Korn-Daddy(heaviest song ever). I love your reactions, you are just awesome, btw BADASS hoodie!!

Will you react to saosin youre not alone

Nice dancing…

Trapped in a cold marriage always frustrated for affection.
I FEEL this. :dizzy_face:

i’ve struggled with depression ever since i was 11. i’m 18 now and it’s still hard, i attempted suicide at 14 and i have been in and out of mental hospitals for the past 5 years. this band saved my life and they don’t even know it. this song literally explained exactly how i feel and the emotions in oli’s voice really expressed exactly how much i was suffering.

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“I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim.” Is a double enteandra, it also ties in with the getting higher lyric and not feel at all. Trying to drown the feeling and demons with alcohol but the pain too much that it doesn’t work.

Excellent reaction…I cant wait for you to react to Hospital for Souls! Such an impactful BMTH song…

I really enjoy it this song

The intro before the first break, all the lines he says are all oxymorons. You can’t help the hopeless, you can’t fix the broken, you can’t hear silence and you can’t see the dark. It’s a metaphor for feeling helpless and isolated.

No quiero morir pero tampoco quiero continuar sintiendo este vacío dentro de mi, sin ganas de nada, a mí pareja la amo y la trato con respeto pero solo le hago un daño, estando vacio y no le aporto nada en su vida, salidas, emociones,etc., a mis padres solo esperan que salga adelante para que yo pueda apoyarlos pero solo soy un peso y una preocupación más para ellos, a mí hermana menor, solo soy un conocido que no pudo apoyarla o protegerla. Mis padres y ella estamos separados tanto como por distancia como sentimentalmente. Solo soy un problema para ellos y se que si no existiera ellos estarían mucho mejor y mi pareja estaría con un novio exitoso. Tengo que hacerlo pero no tengo el valor para matarme.

This is part of why I was recommending Lil Ugly Mane.

This song is amazing…

Sleepwalking next please! :slight_smile:

@heartsupport, music has always been a way to escape reality and a way to release anger and confusing emotions

Love all your vids, you need to check out the album Peripheral Vision by Turnover. Specifically the songs Take My head and New Scream. They deal w suicidal ideations and depression but in a shoegaze style(light guitars, light drums, light vocals, upbeat vibe)

“I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim, is maybe one of the best lines of all time. That is what it feels like. It feels like every single thing that you try to get better doesn’t work. It feels like: I long for that feeling of not feeling at all. Its like falling with no bottom. Its like a pit that is never ending. And its not that you want to die, but there’s a feeling that it’s the only choice. Is to not feel at all. Because what you feel is so painful. That if feels impossible to keep living this way. This is how people that are suicidal feel.” Never heard it put better. You nailed it. Thank you. So much.

Love your reactions and how you feel it! Greetings from Germany